Success Stories: SEP'29 Stage 32 and I - don't know if that is a success story already, but read yourself...

Elisabeth Meier

Stage 32 and I - don't know if that is a success story already, but read yourself...

Well, I don't know if this is a real success story, but it's what happened to me at Stage 32. I'm a screenwriter and a very creative person in each way you can imagine. This is no idle boast, I often don't feel very comfortable to be that way. Anyway, what I want to tell you all is what happened since I joined Stage 32 end of April 2015 which is now 5 months ago. I got requests for screenplays already after I posted my first lounge discussion on the very first day. Then, some people asked me for collaborating which we discussed, but it was not what I wanted. My dear screenwriting colleagues trusted me and suddenly I was asked to give feedback to their screenplays, some directors asked me for feedback to their short films. I'm very grateful for your trust and feel very honored. Thanks for this gift! What happened next was that I discovered I want to write and direct my films when I saw that many Stage 32 members do so. I already directed while attending the art school but didn't like this school situation then, so now I'm learning. At the moment I watch all my DVDs again, but only the extra sequences where the directors explain some scenes and the making of. One day in May or June I remembered the time when my former school had a Film Club where we could buy monthly tickets and watch feature films each Friday afternoon. We were 12 or 13. At the same time this summer there was a Jazz Festival in my small home town. Open Air and suddenly all these little hairs on my skin raised and I got the idea to create a film festival in and for this town. Open Air - if possible. At the same time I read this blog post about the Raindance Festival in London and that's the moment when it was decided. Am still in development with the idea, but this lead to... ...another job: In October 2015 I will begin teaching 9-12 year old children how to make a film. In fact we will make a film. They can decide whether they want to make an animation or a real short film in which they can act. The local art school, under public charity, offers creative courses for children, I asked if they would be interested in film courses - and they certainly were. They even immediately asked me to produce a film for their 25th anniversary in October 2016 - together with the children then. I think it will be great fun and I will learn a lot new stuff and you never know where this will lead to. Besides I'm re-writing my next feature with the working title "To the One I Love". It was Gerard Butler who inspired me to write this - but unfortunately he doesn't know. The logline is already available on my profile: Maybe Joey has a contact to him and Alan Siegel?? I know their address, email and phone no., but via Joey would probably be more professional. Would like to pitch it to them when I'm through. By the way... I would like to get to know other Film Festival Founders to discuss... just drop me a line. Additionally I plan a MeetUp. I wanted to create something for Europe because there was no MeetUp in Europe at all - but my idea developed into a virtual MeetUp and everybody is welcome. We will discuss online via Skype or any other technique which I still have to check and figure out. Someone said Google would offer a way to online group discussions as well. If you want to join us, just sign in here: See you!

Elisabeth Meier

Thank you Kathryn, to me it feels more like moving forwards in very small steps. Thank you Steven, for your compliments. Yes, it will be fun to see these Kinderaugen (children's eyes). Btw... I lost my voice because I relocated and am without any landline, internet and tv yet. Only my iPhone keeps me in touch with the rest of the world. But tethering is very slow. I can go downstairs for a cup of coffee before the next page opens. =) Strange experience. What did we do before we had the internet?

Francesca Varisco

Very nice story, thanks for sharing it! I will check your meetup :)

York Davis

Congrats Elizabeth. I agree with Kathryn that you are indeed already a success. Keep it up!

Elisabeth Meier

@Steven - True, or in person, eye to eye. @Francesca - Thank you, I would love to see you in our virtual MeetUp, just sign in! It doesn't compel you to anything but you will stay tuned for all further informations. @York - Thank you very much. I hope this long way will make me a better, a great screenwriter and filmmaker.

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