Success Stories: MAY'19 Stephen Foster jumpstarted his career via Stage 32!

Stephen Foster

Stephen Foster jumpstarted his career via Stage 32!

I credit the website Stage 32 with my "comeback"! As a dutiful actor, I'm signed up with ALL the casting services (Actors Access, LA Casting....), but have seen very little results from them in terms of actually BOOKING jobs! When I signed up with Stage 32 I said, "Oh, another ploy to get $ out of actors!" and was very dubious. BUT through being able to CONTACT directors/writers personally instead of via casting directors, I got to audition with my personality and my acting reel! What a boon! Within 2 months, I made contact with director Dan Steadman who was directing a movie called "Hidden Hills" and the rest is history. We shot the movie on a wing and a prayer and it has been featured in the Palm Springs International Film Festival (where it played 3 sold out shows!) It is NOW part of the International Filmmakers Showcase! I've also booked so many other jobs via this wonderful site! Thank you Stage 32! C. Stephen Foster actor/writer/teacher

Laurie Ashbourne

Fantastic story -- congratulations. RB has a lot of grateful members here on Stage 32!

Stephen Foster

thanks laurie

Antonio Ingram

Congratulations Stephen and what a inspiring story. I wish you much more success.

Stephen Foster


Stage 32 Staff - Julie

We are SO PROUD of your Stephen!! Keep up the awesome momentum. You inspire all of our actors.

Maureen Hill

Congratulations Stephen. Love to hear stories like this.

Stephen Foster

thanks maureen

Richard "RB" Botto

I echo what Julie said, Stephen. We are proud. And I am, of course, deeply appreciative for you sharing and posting. But let it also be said that you are one of the most hardest working actors out there. You put in the time, treat networking as a part of the "whole" of your craft, and simply make it that you're never ignored. You're nothing short of an inspiration. You're appreciated by me and, I know, others in this community. Keep on keepin' on, my friend.

Stephen Foster

THANK YOU RICHARD! and thank you stage 32

Viquii Johannesson (Vicki Johnson)

congrats Steven!

Rich Pulin

"My Old Kentucky Home" wasn't exactly 'chopped liver' either!

Rich Pulin

Oh...btw, does the sun still 'brightly shine' on that KY pad?

Stephen Foster

thank you for the comparison...I'm cuter than he was

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