Success Stories: SEP'24 Successful Collaborations Found at Stage 32

Paul Sumares

Successful Collaborations Found at Stage 32

Hey folks, Just wanted to drop a note to encourage those who might be wondering about the value of this site. Taken by itself, just the experience of discovering the vast number of creative people who are enthusiastic and knowledgeable about film making here has been enriching for me, and continues to be. But beyond that I've experienced some concrete results in the way of collaborations. Since uploading some demos of my film composing, and spending a good deal of time reading lounge posts (and occasionally responding to them), I was contacted by two energetic and creative Stage 32 members who wanted to work with me. Both involved projects that are at the high standard of quality I am interested in. With Glen Kinnaird, a boundlessly imaginative and thoroughly involved member of the local theater scene at the heart of Broadway in New York City, I've found a fruitful partnership and a new musical project with exciting potential. My collaborations with actor/director Michael Gier have already resulted in two short films, one which has already reached a combined viewer base of 40 million people. Distribution deals for future feature film work with Michael, where I am signed on as composer, are currently in the pipeline. I know that a great number of industry professionals found their success by being there as friends and collaborators found their own successes. This is a great place to find those people who you can tell are destined for greater things -- just like you are. I encourage you all to look at each others demos, find people you believe in. You can definitely make this site work for you. That's what I've found. Stay positive!

Scott Hampton

Thanks for the words of encouragement! As a fellow composer I know how hard it can be to find paying work and many of the "post and wait" options are like black holes in terms of getting a response. Your approach of cultivating relationships and starting conversations with individuals seems like a much better approach. Congrats and thanks again!

Paul Sumares

Thanks, Scott. Please post whenever you find a good collaborator or project that you're excited about. I'd love to hear about it!

Joanne Moyle

Great story Paul - congratulations on your success!

Paul Sumares

Thanks, Joanne! I appreciate the encouragement.

Andrea Thompson

What a great post you wrote with warmth and appreciation... congratulations Paul! A viewer base of 40 million people is incredible and exciting! I couldn't be happier for you. I love success stories on Stage 32.

Paul Sumares

Thank you for your kind words, Andrea. Michael is a seasoned professional, and I had the pleasure of meeting him in person recently when my family drove down South (to L.A.) for me to attend a workshop and to visit Universal Studios. He was so cool, it was like talking to my own brother -- what a great team we make so far! Have you met up with any collaborators here, Andrea? Or do screenwriters mostly work by themselves?

Richard "RB" Botto

A fantastic and appreciated post, Paul. Thank you so much for taking the time to share. Means a great deal.

Paul Sumares

I really do appreciate what you guys have done here, Richard. Even as a software engineer, who works on business web applications for my day job, I can appreciate the excellent layout and usability of this site (better than Facebook, IMO). We're very lucky to have it!

Richard "RB" Botto

Really appreciate that, Paul. All credit goes to Derrick. He's the master mechanic!

Pat Savage

I too appreciate the excellent layout and usability of this site which is far better than Facebook! Paul your so right this is the greatest place to find people who are destined for greater things! Kudos to Derrick and to you Richard for this gift! A great story and post Paul thanks :)

Richard "RB" Botto

Thanks, Pat. I can tell ya, Derrick works his ass off keeping the site moving. I can't argue with the FB comments...Don't get me started :)

Pat Savage

I sell a lot of tunes there so Facebook has it's value.. this Stage 32 is a whole different thing quo pro and bursting with creative energy! Whole different ball game here :P

Steve Bullard

collaborating is the way to go, Personally thats how Ive met everone on my cast and crew and continue to do so..

Helen Pritchard

Good to be connected

Judie Tallman

I'm available to collaborate in New York for film projects doing make up and hair design. Thank you!

Mark Souza

Good to hear. You get this many creatives together and things are bound to get created - just makes sense.

Pat Savage

Exactly right Mark!

Theresa Clark

Yes, I've made a few positive connections as well... an audition, potential writing partners, etc.

Janet Scott

Well done Mark..... way to go.... Now how to find myself a writing partner to co write with....

Suzanne Sadler

Wonderfully stated! Thank you for sharing.

Arhynn Descy

Wonderful to hear, Paul! And well done on all the work.

Paul Sumares

Thanks so much, Arhynn! I'm looking forward to gaining more professional experience as many of the other composers at this site have, like you. :-) I'm getting a couple of top-notch audio engineers to mix some cues for me, and then I will have them to put up on a soon-to-be-built web site, as well as here at Stage32. Very exciting!

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