Success Stories: JUN'20 Thanks Joey!

Tlo Writes

Thanks Joey!

Had a script in the finals of the Happy Writers contest last year. Which was amazing and encouraging and a bit of a validation that maybe my writing wasn't all crap. And I've been participating in Joey's pitch sessions for a while now. There's nothing like that feeling you get when you check your email to find 'SCRIPT REQUESTED'! But then you hear nothing after that and it takes that previous high and bursts it like a squealing Minion in the jaws of a mighty T-Rex. I'd recently decided not to participate in the pitch sessions for a while and just concentrate on editing other scripts. Until a few weeks ago. When Joey called me and said the last person (name and production company name omitted because I don't know if its right to post it here) to request my script wanted to be put in touch! To say I was floored was an understatement. What I didn't realize until they contacted me was that it wasn't just an email conversation, they wanted to MEET me, too. This was the first time that I'd had any such meeting. And the Gods must have been smiling down on me. Or maybe it was that car I let pull in front of me on Santa Monica Blvd and karma was paying me back in kind. I walked confidently into this towering building on the intimidating Wilshire Blvd wondering what the hell little 'ol me was doing there. I'm not good enough to be here. But what happened was that I met such a nice, down to earth person who made it very easy to relax and just have a conversation. And about all kinds of things. Not just scripts. The 45 min chat ended up with two more scripts being requested and an offer to contact a manager friend to see if they'd be interested in reading one of my scripts. Thanks to Joey Tuccio for caring so much about your writers and doing your best to help them succeed.

Byron Scot

Congratulations on your success, Tlo. I wish you the best.

Antonio Ingram

Amazing success story Tlo. Thank you for sharing. You are proof that there is endless possibilities. And Joey, when the time is right, we shall have that dance(With the pitch consulting anyway but you get it).

Vaughn T. Stanford

Keep us updated on your journey. A path where many of us hope to follow.

Charles Thompson

Well done. Can't wait to see your name in lights. Good luck.

Spike Thurbon

Tlo, inspiring story! After three script requests, this weekend, your shared experience will help me through the coming weeks of insomnia and obsessive inbox-watching! Well done, really chuffed for you, Spike ;)

Laurie Ashbourne


Virginia Shine

So exciting! Congrats

Nkosi Guduza

'the Gods' and 'floored was an understatement ' :) Fantastic piece x

Sylvia Marie Llewellyn

Congratulations. Thanks for sharing.

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