Success Stories: MAY'18 Thanks to Stage 32

Jake Mitchell

Thanks to Stage 32

Hi everyone. I'm a 16 year old filmmaker and recently finished my first short film. And I honestly couldn't have done it without Stage 32. I was able to find a lot of needed actors to fill spots all thanks to my network and the lounge on Stage 32. This place is great and I love expanding my network, I never know when it might come in handy. Please check it out and leave your criticisms.

Stage 32 Staff - Julie

I can't believer all you've accomplished at 16! Wow! We are thrilled Stage 32 helped you. This short is incredible Jake! Please remember us when you are winning your Oscar :)

LaShawn Pagán

this is great work Jake! :D

Larenzo Simmons

You are off to a great start young man! Great that Stage 32 helped with getting you the people you required for the project

Kenya Hendricks

Love it

Elizabeth Miloscia

Pretty darn good for a 16 yr. olds first short film!!!!! Kudos to you Jake and good luck!!!!!!!

Viquii Johannesson (Vicki Johnson)

Great Title, Nice quality, Editing Awesome!, concept, yep!.. are you serious! You're on your way!

Ken Koh

Fantastic! Well done Jake. I started out at 16 too.

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