Success Stories: AUG'8 The 2nd Annual Big Denver FilmMakers Bash

It's Introduce Yourself Weekend on Stage 32! Who are you? What have you been working on? We want to know! Head over to the Introduce Yourself Lounge and network with your fellow creatives - you never know when you'll make a connection that will change your career!

Shawn Speake

The 2nd Annual Big Denver FilmMakers Bash

Thank you S32 for making the '16 Meetup our best yet!

Shawn Speake

Thank u, CJ! Pook's the Man in Big Denver. I call him, The Legend! We shot a "Personal Invitation Vid" for the event on my iPhone and posted it on FaceBook. The vid got over 800 views in 6 days. Crazy!

Dan MaxXx

Fucking Boss! Shawn, you are a magnet! Suicide Squad Casting blew it not calling your number!

Shawn Speake

Thank you, Dan! Thank u, thank u! That's a huge compliment! ... I see you're a weapons specialist! My agent is sending me to Tactical Training next month, so I can get roles with guns! YES!

Pookie DeRose

Had soooo much fun.. Can't wait to see what happens NEXT year!!!!! Shawn Speake and I are gonna have some stories I tell I'm sure.

Richard "RB" Botto

Amazing. What a turnout! I recognize many a face in this group. Hell of a lot of talent in that room!

Amanda Toney

Shawn, this is incredible!! Your support in Colorado is the reason your area is growing such a creative community!

Pookie DeRose

Amanda, hoping next year we will need to rent the Pepsi center for our 3rd annual Stage32 Big Denver meet up.. it holds 18,007 people.. :)

Pookie DeRose

And Richard. Yes it was amazing the talent gloating about. Just a GREAT bunch of creative people just wanting to create...

Kerry F Booth

Great time, awesome people. Thanks to Shawn and Pookie.

Shawn Speake

Thanks for the love, everyone! Thanks for hangin' out with us, Kerry!

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