Success Stories: MAY'15 The Great American Script Contest

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The Great American Script Contest

It's with great honor and a lot of shock that I can tell you all that ”LEGACY” WON Best Feature Screenplay at The Great American Script Contest. This contest is attached to one of the Top 50 Film Festivals on the planet! Yes, I am aware of the fact that they misspelled my last name!

Danielle R Erlich

Thank you!!

Juhani Nurmi

WOW. Awesome. Cordial congrats!!!

Pamela Bolinder

YAY! Good job! =)

Cory Parella

Hope it sells.

Danielle R Erlich

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all the congratulatory remarks!!

Martin Reese


Jody Ellis

Congrats! That’s amazing!

Phil Parker

Well done and congrats!

Helena Vann

Congrats! That's awesome

Reginald Johnson


Danielle R Erlich

Thank you all! Being able to share this with you and having you be happy for me, is so awesome! So many people like to tear down others if they begin to succeed. One person actually said to me on another site, ”I genuinely hope you don't win an award.” Can you believe that? Who says that? We are a community, and when one of us succeeds, we all do! Without Stage 32 and its community, I would never have been able to do this. So, to all of you, I wanted to say, ”Thank you for everything, including being happy for me!”

Kimberly Campbell


Danielle R Erlich

Thank you!!

Belgard Price

wow great job

Shawn M Decker

That's awesome.

Roxanne Paukner

Congrats on the win! Bummer that they misspelled your name!

Danielle R Erlich

Thanks, Guys! Ya, they have the correct spelling now for future publicity for my prizes. My work is going to a manager @ an elite management company, go to ScriptCon and go to next year's festival as the winner! Seriously, this is an incredible contest!

Mike W. Rogers

Congrats, Danielle!

Sam Borowski


Derek Reid

Best wishes for you Danielle during the process.

Evelyn von Warnitz

That is amazing Danielle! Congratulations!

Danielle R Erlich

Thank you, everyone! The support is truly appreciated!

Eric Jeske

GREAT NEWS!! keep collecting those accolades and sell that sucker :)

Steve Beatty


Danielle R Erlich

Thank you for the support everyone. I am so thankful that this community exists. I feel like realists have a hard time understanding dreamers. It's nice to be among like-minded people who understand the blood, sweat, and tears that goes into writing a screenplay. To all the screenwriters I wanted to say that you must remember that without a script, a movie cannot be made. For those in the WGA, I may not be a member yet, but I stand with you!

Masato Toys

Congrats! What is the script about? Logline or brief synopsis? Thanks!

Paulette Harris

Congrats! What a great thing for you to get. Best wishes on the future.

Christine Capone

Congrats! How many scripts got entered this year...would you happen to know?

Danielle R Erlich

As far as how many scripts got entered, I have no idea. All I know is the reputation of the Top 50 Film Festival that is attached to it, and they're incredible and real prizes! Many competitions promise things they never deliver. I know from experience, but not this contest.

Christine Capone

That's great! Hope something comes of it!!

Danielle R Erlich

A short synopsis for the first installment in my saga ”Legacy” would be: When a bullied teenager seeks refuge by an Irish castle, he travels to a magical world he never knew existed where his long-lost father turns out to be king. But the king has been kidnapped by an unknown assailant, and now the responsibility to rescue him falls to his clueless son. Most people say it's ”Narnia” meets ”Harry Potter” with a bit of ”The Hobbit” thrown in.

Danielle R Erlich

Thank you all for your incredibly kind responses. Believe me when I say that not everyone is as kind as you all are. I've experienced it first hand. I am so grateful to have the support of each and every one of you. It's a blessing!

Christine Capone

Sounds interesting! Did you submit to any other contests?

Richard Wilkins

Wow! Cool! Congrats!!! Go get em!!!

Danielle R Erlich

I did. It has won 22 awards to date.

Richard Wilkins

I may be new around here, but I'd venture a guess that racking up a couple dozen awards is a pretty big deal in this insanely competitive industry. Aside from being shocked, I hope your proud too! That's a big accomplishment!

F.J. Hubert

Wow! Congrats! One day, no one will mess with your name. ;-) [opening credits] [fade in] Robert Downey Jr. [fade out/in] Jennifer Lawrence. [fade out/in] Screenplay by Danielle R Erlich. [fade out/in] Legacy

Danielle R Erlich

Richard Wilkins, thank you for saying that. I am definitely proud! I never thought people would connect with my characters so much. F.J. Hubert that would be a dream come true!! Hopefully, my next script is at least half as successful! Thank you both for the kind words!

Thomas Shaner

Congrat Danielle!

Paulette Harris

I know I posted Congrats early on but I don't see it here. I'm offering Congrats again. I'm tickled pink for you and also rejoicing that you are blessed to have such a great experience. Big :) for you.

Phillip 'Le Docteur de Script' Hardy

Congrats, Danielle Ulrich/Erlich! Both of you did great work!

Danielle R Erlich

Thank you so much everyone!!! I’m trying to keep myself busy while producers finish reading my work, so

Shawn Speake

Huge congrats!

Maurice Vaughan


Danielle R Erlich

Thank you!!

Mark Lindberg

That's awesome! Congrats!

Christian Weiser

that is awesome!!!!!

Stephanie T. Keefer


Durand Saint-Hilaire


Danielle R Erlich

Thank you all!!

She'Ra Hagans


Art Thomas

May the blessings continue,

Tracy Woody


Danielle R Erlich

Thank you, everyone! I love how this community cheers for each other and doesn’t try to put you and your achievement down. Once on another platform someone said, “I truly wish you don’t win an award specks!” Everyone on here has been so kind. I truly appreciate it!

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