Success Stories: AUG'9 The Last Immortal -- The Journey Continues

Lee Chavis

The Last Immortal -- The Journey Continues

Around the fall of 2014, a wonderful and talented team of actors from Stage 32 and across the globe committed themselves to bringing “The Last Immortal” to the big screen. A few weeks ago, some of the actors put together a pitch video (even shooting an actual scene from the script, thanks to Phil Duran, Katie Anne Mitchell and Tim Nenninger). Everyone is really excited and looking forward to moving this project toward principal photography. As a screenwriter, this dream has turned into one great journey. The reality is that none of us would have made it this far without Stage 32.

Eric Westlake

Congratulations, Lee. Thank you posting this, it reminds all of us success is out for us all. We just have to remain focused, confident and persistent. I read a great quote we should all memorize - Doubt kills more dreams than failure ever will.

Stage 32 Staff - Julie

This is absolutely incredible Lee. We're going to send you a DM.

Mark E. Sackett


Shari D. Frost

Really exciting stuff - can't wait to see the whole film! Keep us posted!

Lee Chavis

Thank you, Steven. I'm so lucky and honored to have what has now become such a wonderful family.

Lee Chavis

Hi, Eric. Great quote. I would also add that one should never be afraid of making mistakes. Believe me, I've done that plenty of times throughout this process. Though looking back, I wouldn't change a thing.

Lee Chavis

Hi, Julie. Good to hear from you again! It's been a while since I posted on Stage 32, though I am networking almost every day with Stage 32 members. This is such a wonderful community, and we at "The Last Immortal" have now become family. I look forward to your DM!

Lee Chavis

Hi, Mark. Funny, I was looking at your profile right before you posted your comment. I've read many of your posts in the past and admire your philosophy!

Lee Chavis

Hi, Kathryn. Thank you for always being in my corner! I really appreciate! Recently started working on another screenplay with another Stage 32 member, so I imagine there will be more exciting things to come in the near future. I only wish there were 48 hours in a day instead of the unusual 24!

Lee Chavis

Hi, Shari. I can hardly wait, too! Thanks for your support!

Kenneth R Dickson


Phil Duran

SO very honored to be a part of this amazing family!

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