Success Stories: JUL'21 The Magic of Joey and Brandon!

The Magic of Joey and Brandon!

Pitching is hard! Luckily, Happy Writers Joey and Brandon know what it takes and how to let the meaning flow. Super-excited to report that my script 'Preincarnation' has been requested, following a written pitch submission. It's not that I'm scared of the idea of pitching verbally (subtext: Aaaargh!) but it's so useful to be able to send something in when your working day is spent doing a #dayjob. Thank you so much to the whole Stage32 crew!

Eric Westlake

That's great, Kendall. Good luck.

Suzanne Lutas

Big congrats Kendall!

Emma J Steele

Congratulations, Kendall!

Marcia Chandler Rhea

Congrats! Your hard work is paying off, and I agree pitching is a fine art that you just have to keep those brushstrokes flowing to get it right!

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