Success Stories: JUL'1 The Third Bomb gets a little love

The Third Bomb gets a little love

GK Films, the folks behind World War Z, Argo, Dark Shadows, Hugo, Jersey Boys, Rango and the TV series Grimm have requested to read my script The Third Bomb. I may go check myself into a monastery and pray for 3 months while I wait..... :-) Thank you to Stage 32, Joey and EVERYONE at Happy Writers!

Beth Fox Heisinger

Exciting news! Fingers crossed, Phil!

Pamela Murphy

That's awesome! They're a great company. Let us know when you get back from the monastery! As we say in France...MERDE!

Stephen Barber


Eric Westlake

Prayer never hurt. Hang in there, Phil.

Phil Parker

Many, many thanks guys! :-)

Regina Lee

Congrats, Phil!!

Phil Parker

Thank you, Kat!! I hope you're staying cool. Those temps look crazy! We're having the opposite down here. Cheers to you too, Regina!!

Isiss R


S.A. Hussain

Congrats Phil!

Boomer Murrhee

Best of luck Phil.

Mathieu Karsenti

Fingers crossed for you! :)

Marcia Chandler Rhea

Keep going, Phil! You are on a roll!!!

Pete Stone

Awesome! Sounds like your script is a good match for their line up! I'll join you in prayer that they enjoy the read and contact you soon ( of course keep a phone with you in the Monastery!)

Andrea Adler

I know the feeling... I'll be sitting next to you at the monastery. I'll be the one praying next to you.... waiting for The Weinstein Co. to decide.... I'll pray for you .... Will you pray for me?

Mark Simborg

That's huge, Phil. Nice work!

Phil Parker

Wow, thanks everyone. Your support touches me deeply. Stage 32-ers are such good people :-) Thank you, thank, thank you! Andrea - I will meditate and say a prayer for you, and for all of us, who are working so hard to make our dreams come true :-)

Ace Cheverez


Tina Goldsack

I love World War Z! And have watch Grimm From the begging! A FAN! Congratulations for all your work!

Alessandro Marafioti

Phil thats an accomplishment and a step forward in a big sense . All else to come is a plus . Wish you the best , Alessandro.

Nancy Newbauer

So very happy for you, Phil!

Bruce Bray

Man that is so awesome! Those are all great shows, and I'm sending you positive energy on that.

Phil Parker

Thanks again everyone! Just choosing my monastery now. Who are the monks that make the booze? That might help.

Sylvia Marie Llewellyn

Those monks might be in France... not sure though. Let's hope you can take your laptop with you to write your next project while you wait. My fingers are crossed for you. :-))

Patricia Santos Marcantonio

good luck to you

Edward Goree


Mike Trentacosti

Great news Phil!

Clay Weatherfield


Phil Parker

Sylvia - I'll hide in the catacombs and do my writing by candlight :-) Thanks for your kind words everyone. Proof is in the pudding though. Waiting anxiously...ommm ommm

Phillip "The Genuine Article" Hardy

Phil: Happy dance for you. And a few months in a monastery might do you some good. Just take your laptop and use the time to write your next script.

Tina Goldsack

Some Monasteries are gorgeous. And beautiful sounds of music they can make.

Emma J Steele

Fantastic, Phil, something has to stick soon! Congratulations!

Phil Parker

A secluded monastery sounds like a great place to write. Hmm, also sounds like a perfect place for ET's cousins to hide while they hatch a plot to...

Chanel Ashley

Parker? You related to………? Good job, kid.

Phil Parker

Thanks, Chanel. This monastery needs to install central heating. though. I'm tired of putting a bedpan full of hot coals under my bed every night! Ommmmmmmmm....

Chanel Ashley

Haha, monastery, eh? … and those damn hot coals, does this also suggest celibacy? Things we do for a script, lol.

Phil Parker

Celibacy for a script?! 8-0 Worst. Idea. Ever. ;-)

Suzanne Lutas

Considering the amount of all your Contest placements and the requests you've got, I'd say The third Bomb gets HUGE love! And you have mine too! :-) Happy writing retreat Phillip, so to speak!

Phil Parker

Thanks. Suzanne!! Hope you're doing well and writing up a storm :-)

Suzanne Lutas

Indeed, I got another request for The Dead Ringer, which is also in the Page Quarterfinals, again. And Destiny's Vessel has won the Eyestorm/Script Xpert Search Contest in the Sci-Fi category. So yes, I'm surfing on a breaker of good news!

Phil Parker

Wow, Suzanne! That's so awesome! Very happy for you!!

Sylvia Marie Llewellyn

SUZANNE,,,, hey girl. I'm so thrilled that you made the Page Quarter-final list as well. Good for you. CONGRATS... Page had 6,200 entries... so you and I and others are in the top 10%... So it means a lot even if we don't progress any further... it's fantastic... I'm happy... remember it's so subjective.... who knows where it will end up. All the best to you as well.

Suzanne Lutas

Hey Sylvia, Congratulations on your Page ranking! And thank you so much for your encouraging words. I'll stay behind you and push you onward and forward. I wish you climbed the ladder to the top and reached the stars!

Sylvia Marie Llewellyn

Thank you Suzanne...

Eric Gilmartin

Good news, Philip, way to go!

Phil Parker

Thanks, Eric! Hoping for good day...

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