Success Stories: DEC'19 'The Third Bomb' requested by The De Laurentiis Company!!

'The Third Bomb' requested by The De Laurentiis Company!!

I really enjoyed pitching to these guys. I'm also really getting into the whole face to face pitching thing. I like doing things that are outside my comfort zone - jumping out of airplanes, etc - so pitching fits right in there I guess :-) I'm also in awe of the history behind this company and the De Laurentiis name. I grew up seeing the name Dino De Laurentiis in the opening credits of many a TV show and film. Very excited and very thankful to Stage 32 and Joey for helping make this happen. Fingers crossed!! Phil

The Third Bomb by Phillip Parker
The Third Bomb by Phillip Parker
What happened when the third atomic mission of WWII crashed in Japanese territory ? "An excellent script. Dialogue smooth and natural. Characters unique, engaging and easy to root for." ​- Austin Fi…
Mike Trentacosti

Congrats Phillip, I pitched to them as well this week.

Phil Parker

Good luck to you Mike! It's all about finding the right person at the right company that falls in love with your idea as much you have. Takes a lot of no to get the yes but I truly believe persistence pays off in one form or another :-)

Emma J Steele

Fantastic news, Phillip! Congratulations, something has to come out of these requests for you soon!

Bradley Scott

Good for you, Phillip!

Phil Parker

Thanks gang! Emma, Aarthi, Kat - you guys rock!

Phil Parker

Thanks Bradley. Time for a cocktail!

Mike Trentacosti

I agree Phillip, patience and persistence is the key!

Suzanne Lutas

Way to go Phillip!

Maria Pretorius


Sylvia Marie Llewellyn

HUGE Congratulations.... De Laurentiis is definitely up there... the founder DINO I think is no longer with us.... but he legacy lives on within the company... my agency/agents used to play pranks on each other in the office and say "it's Dino on Line 2" hahaha... I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you Phillip. xo

Nicole Eilers

Fabulous, Phillip!

Mikel Hansel

have a great Day! THX Mikel

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