Success Stories: NOV'8 The power of pitching!

The power of pitching!

I don't know why I didn't do this sooner? How simple is it to pitch from your own living room? I've pitched three times and had three requests to read my work. Now, I've entered screenplay and teleplay competitions. I've had 1st place, finalist, semi-finalist rankings in those. But I never got to gauge how my story was coming across. That's why Skype pitching is invaluable! You can see when they are interested, pitch something else if it's not one they would do, and just get a feel for how your pitch is coming off. This is such a valuable service to all involved. Thanks Joey and Stage 32!

Rona Walter

Dana, as a "newbie", how did you and the other guys on Stage32 do that? Can you give me an advice? And congratulations! Thats great!

Dana Cowden

Thanks, Rona. Joey's article pretty much captured what I try to do. I would only add that I take a little time to distill my story into the main parts because I try to finish in 5 min or less. That way there is some time for questions or comments. One of the guys I pitched to gave me some great suggestions, just from my pitch, that can add that much more to my concept. Just try to relax and think of it this way, you're just telling them what you love about your story. They can either like it and want to know more, or it may not be right for them. That's not a reflection of your pitch, just what they need right now. You'll do great I'm sure!

LindaAnn Loschiavo

Joey, I really enjoyed your article on PITCHING. It was aimed towards screenwriters but your advice was good for dramatists like me, too. Thanks!!!

Rona Walter

I´m working on my 1st pitch video atm, can you guys tell me, WHERE to pitch? I know the Happy Writers , of course, what about other forums and sides? Many thanks for advices!!!

Wendy Nichols

Congratulations. Wonderful stuff.

Laura Dulin

The experience does sound valuable (and a little intimidating).

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