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Success Stories: JUL'11 They make it so easy!

Elise Modrovich

They make it so easy!

I have an agent, but my "agent" doesn't really do a whole lot in terms of getting my scripts out there, and I've been extremely frustrated in trying to get my work in front of the right pairs of eyes. Cue Stage 32 Happy Writers! I have submitted just twice so far and already a top industry exec has requested my screenplay! Happy Writers and Stage 32 have created such a fantastic opportunity for us writers to get our work seen and read, and that's exactly what it is - an opportunity. It is up to US to craft our pitches and then submit our work, so while Stage 32 created the venue, we need to take advantage of it and make it happen! If you don't play, you can't win! I'd highly recommend everyone take advantage of this amazing service!

Tony Picciotti

Elise, we are always looking for scripts, lets get together, Tony

Richard Welch

Elise, at least you have an agent. A lot of producers and studios won't give you the time of day unless you have representation. I had to let my agent go because she could not get a California license, so I've been searching for a new agent for months with no luck. I write great scripts according to several producers, but they just languish on my desk because I can't find an agent who is willing to open some doors for me.

Nancy Davis Williams

Even LOCALLY, it's hard to get the RIGHT people to give you a chance.

Suzanne Lutas

Couldn't agree more, Stage 32 is the right place to pitch!

Amanda Toney

I couldn't have said it better myself, Elise! I'm so happy that you're a member of Stage 32 and that things are going your way. Best of luck to you- it's people like you that make this community as amazing as it is! :)

Dawn Gonchar

Ditto with what everyone else is saying; Stage 32 is awesome! Best of luck with this!

Colin Guest

It's good to hear such good words for Stage 32. All involved are to be thanked for all the hard work they put in, which in turn helps us to achieve what we desire.

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