Success Stories: DEC'10 Third pitch of the weekend, third request!

Third pitch of the weekend, third request!

Requested by Magnet Management, I am so stoked!!! I can't thank Joey enough for his help and this incredible opportunity the Happy Writers gives all of us! Yay, yay, yay!!!

Amanda Toney

Congrats Emma!

Emma J Steele

Thanks guys, appreciate it.

K Kalyanaraman


Phil Parker

You sure have the Right Stuff! :-) Well done again!!

Emma J Steele

Thanks K, Phil and Kathryn!

Emma J Steele

Thanks Aarthi!

Tshepo David

Congrats Emma... Welcome to the entertainment industry

James Mapes


CJ Critt

Three requests from three pitches is a fabulous return on your effort! It would be great if you would share with us the genre of your movie, or the title if you're comfortable with that. It's always helpful to know what people are requesting. Congratulations and fingers crossed for great results - moving forward. CJ

Thomas Ray

Hey, I have got NO requests YET on this site--BUT STILL it is worth the fee to get one's pitch to an exec who's opinion really means something. I have also learned an IMMENSE amount of useful info concerning my pitches and what is required even from the one line or so comments I get back. Years ago, I have gotten requests using the old fashoned methods---direct mail contact, but I like THIS way much better, it gets my foot in the door, so to speak, and is a lot less hassle--Well worth the 45 bucks no matter what the outcome

Chris Gross

Good goin'!

Roberto Caudillo

That's fantastic -- I hope you hit a homerun with one of 'em!

Emma J Steele

Thanks everyone for your lovely, supportive comments! CJ, I'm pitching a pilot and mainly to managers, that's where I'm getting the most requests. Production companies not so much. But obtaining representation is my goal and apart from reworking my pitch after speaking to Joey, and he knowing I have a strong pilot, I think it's helping that I have extensive TV credits here in Australia. Saying that though, regardless of many credits or none, my (and everyone's) writing has to stand on its own, once it's requested. And I'm also thinking outside the box, being an international writer, so I'm writing a feature to expand my portfolio and my opportunities. Which leads me to… ...Thomas, your comments are spot on. I've lost count of how many 'no's' or 'passes' I've had over the years, but I'm a firm believer that the writers who succeed are the ones who learn from those moments, continue writing and never give up getting their work out there! Here's to getting your first request! And here's to Joey and the Happy Writers giving us that opportunity!

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