Success Stories: MAR'8 This Is A Ramble So Read At Your Own Risk

Bruce Kalish @Killahb_5

This Is A Ramble So Read At Your Own Risk

I joined Stage 32 about 6 months ago and really didn't start using HappyWriters until this January. I've basically been a television writer/producer my entire career spanning drama, comedy, game shows, animation and tween programming. But I wanted to get into features and why not now... So the last part of 2014 I finished one of those ideas that has been lingering in my head for seriously, decades... I had many stop and starts but just decided to do it. So I wrote 'Parents', a big franchiseable comedy that walks the PG-PG13 line. I'm tough on myself... and I think its very good. Now, how to sell it. My agent at the time was solely in the TV market and I needed access to feature companies, studios and execs. So I let go my agent and turned my attention to Stage 32. I followed all the guidelines and prepared a 2 page OnePage to submit for written presentations. Skype freaked me out. I have been on the other end of Skype conversations, interviewing east coast writers for west coast jobs etc.... But it still freaked me out. I'm good in the room. But drew the line at Skype and only submitted written presentations. I've submitted about ten times with Joey and Stage 32 and I'm batting about .400. I'd make millions with that average if I was playing baseball, but I'm not. I have one written submission I have been waiting for about four weeks just to hear PASS or SCRIPT REQUEST. And about a week on another... And two written pitches this weekend waiting to hear, fingers crossed. On the three REQUESTS I have received, I have not heard back as yet, fingers crossed. But I've been using the shotgun approach, That company looks good, that exec sounds good, heard of that company, Oh, they finance too... I was just sending out the written pitch to whatever popped up and was like the days of choosing a girl at closing time at the bar. And along with using Stage 32, I was hitting up all my "influential friends" who knew someone who knew someone, or this person who once worked with that person, or people who owed me favors. I was quickly becoming exhausted with what seemed like no movement forward. I changed my one page with several of the comments I received back on pitches. Sometimes I looked at the responses and realized they didn't either 1. really read the pitch because the answer to their question was on line five, or 2. Just didn't get it, whether it was how I wrote it... or they just don't get it... I did appreciate the ones that just said, "It's not for us". So I sat down with myself and looked at what I was doing... I was looking for anyone to pick me, pick my script... That didn't feel good. I am better than that and decided to realign my thinking. I actually wanted to find THE RIGHT person, company to come along... And I am not a big "spiritual guy" but I decided to write this down. " I AM LOOKING FOR THE UNIVERSE TO BRING ME THE RIGHT PEOPLE TO HELP AND SUPPORT ME IN GETTING 'PARENTS' MADE INTO A FILM. MARCH 6, 2015" There I said it and out it in writing. I even posted it as my FB photo. That day I received "another" email from Joey/Stage32, I am not bitching about that, I am actually thrilled to get each and everyone they send me... But I look at them differently. I look for what really seems like a fit. And the first one I got after I made my declaration fit. PANAY FILMS - WEDDING CRASHERS/EARTH TO ECHO - Also the exec, Jared, is a graduate of Dodge Film School at Chapman University where I am sending my son who is a senior. Kismet? The company and the exec seemed right... but what else could I do to change what I've been doing? I decided to Skype the call instead of a written presentation. So this was this morning... I got the call and talked to Jared at Panay... Though my Video wasn't working, I didn't let it throw me. I assured him I was a good looking guy and went on with my pitch. Fifteen minutes later I got a script REQUEST from Panay. Thank you to anyone who finished this tome and got the point of what I was trying to pass on... And source Joey. He is an valuable asset to all of us.

Emma J Steele

I love a good ramble, and that was a fantastic ramble, Bruce! Congratulations for everything you've 'rambled' about, all you can do is take on board comments (some with a grain of salt!), try something different, put yourself out there, and most importantly believe in yourself! Good luck with the request and I truly hope your next ramble is about an option!

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