Success Stories: NOV'19 Thrillennium Millennium Films

Ben Trebilcook

Thrillennium Millennium Films

After an extremely worthwhile and enjoyable Skype chat with Joey centring on written pitches and more to the point, the tightening up of one of mine, I re-worked it and awaited a company that I believe suited my script and would do it justice. Along came Millennium and, as I was waiting on other feedback, I hesitated and contacted Joey (again). I must be flooding his inbox! Millennium would be back, but probably not until well into 2015. I quickly 'bought' up that last written pitch slot and submitted my pitch. Within a few hours, Millennium had requested the screenplay to my passion project, a female driven action spy thriller. Whether it's a positive outcome or a pass, we'll see what unfolds, however the process couldn't be more straightforward. User-friendly and more to the point - screenwriter-friendly. Good show and thanks RB and Joey. Success to all who take part. I strongly suggest it.

Ben Trebilcook

That means a lot, thank you!

LindaAnn Loschiavo

Too cool! Best of luck!

Jesse V. Johnson

Well done, Ben!

Ben Trebilcook

Thanks Jesse. Means a lot coming from you, mate.

Phil Parker

Awesome! Congrats!!

Ann Kimbrough


Ssesimba Mahad

thanks please

Ben Trebilcook

Thanks for kind, positive vibe comments!

Boomer Murrhee

Congrats Ben, I have been following your career for awhile. You are a hard working professional and I wish you the best.

Taylor Hay


Ben Trebilcook

Kind of you, Boomer.

Ben Trebilcook

Is it unfortunate to say it was a pass? The script didn't fit with their current slate. After half a day of feeling down, I shall add that it was meant to be and despite requesting the script after a written pitch, the company, whose films, crew and creatives i really admire, probably wasn't the right fit for this type of movie. I got a request and the script was read by a cool, tough to get to pro. That's something. It's also one view and one pitch. If you believe in your project, you shake off and continues to pitch elsewhere. It will find the home it deserves, I'm sure. Reject rejection, my creative friends. Continue being creative. Success to you all.

Taylor Hay

Everything happens for a reason. Maybe there are bigger and better things in store for your script. I'll be keeping my fingers crossed for you!

Barbara Albers Jackson

Ben, You are in the game and got to bat. Do you realize how few scripts get made into a film. Your script is good. Be patient. You only need ONE to click. Keep pitching until you hit a homer with that script! I've gotten many rejections, but I don't let it get me down. I look forward to the next try.

Mark LaFever

Ben, great to hear things are moving forward so positively. Best of luck with further developments!

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