Success Stories: OCT'14 Two Requests!

Two Requests!

Thrilled to report that my script was requested by MGM and Paper Street Films. Thank you Joey and Stage 32!! The feedback and scorecard are REALLY helpful. I've rewritten my pitch quite a few times, based on the feedback and it seems to be working.

Eric Gilmartin

Double the congratulations to you!!

Sarah Gabrielle Baron

lol I just read your synopsis and posted a comment. You're totally going to have that movie produced. It's a winner for sure. Aim high when they offer you an option deal. Make it 6 months, and include a step deal wherein you get paid for 2 or 3 re-writes. Or if they don't want to include you as a writer and want to buy the rights outright, ask for a bunch. But I'm a total newbie. Don't take my advice...get a lawyer/agent asap if you don't have one already. I mean, I didn't read the script, but the synopsis is enough...hilarious! I would so pay to see this, with or without my kids.

Becca-Chris M

Congrats, George! That is exciting!!

Suzanne Lutas

Great news -- Congratulations George! Keep us updated.

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