Distribution : U.S. Distribution At Last! by Mark Stolaroff

Mark Stolaroff

U.S. Distribution At Last!

My sci-fi film "Pig" is finally getting a release in the States. Kino Lorber will be releasing the film on DVD starting March 11th through their Horizon label. It's been a long journey for "Pig," a self-financed micro-budget feature. We started shooting in late 2008 and edited and shot and edited until early 2011, when we finally premiered at the Nashville Film Festival and at Sci-Fi-London. We've since played over 35 film festivals, winning 10 awards, including 7 Best Feature awards. I'm sure I will be rallying support on platforms like Amazon and Netflix, for reviews and ratings. But for now, just happy the film has found a U.S. home. http://www.ThePigPicture.com

Michelle Mower

Hey Mark! Fancy meeting you here.

Mark Stolaroff

Hey Michelle!

Mark Stolaroff

Thanks, Sean!

Edward Holland

Do you have a trailer?

Mark Stolaroff

I do have a trailer: http://youtu.be/owzMhkHni90

Sandra Fernandez

awesome :)

Edward Holland

Very cool nice job

Padma Narayanaswamy

Congrats Mark . Best of luck for the project.

Tim Newhouse


Sandra Steele

Gratz to you ! It's always hard to get a micro budget picked up anywhere.

Eve Edelson

Congratulations on enduring. I'd like to see this!

Scott Leisk

Way to go Mark! It's a good film... awesome news!

Jo Ann

Super news Mark. I l want to see your film. all the very best, Jo Ann Arpin

Mark Stolaroff

Thank you, Everyone!

Fred Ashman

Distribution is as important as script. Without it, filmmaking is just a. hobby .

Rose Sias

Congratulations! That is huge!!!!

Paul-Thomas Parnell

That's awesome! Congrats! I'm starting out on a similar project, do you have any advise?

Mark Stolaroff

Hey Paul-Thomas, when you say similar, what do you mean? Indie sci-fi? I could give you some pointers. Message me with some of the particulars of your project.

Stephanie Bell

Mark, a HUGE congratulations - it sounds like we have similar stories - my feature INVERSE just premiered at the Boston Sci-Fi Festival and we're REALLY hoping we get into Sci-Fi-London! I'd love to talk with you further regarding your journey through distribution and you can check out INVERSE at both www.inversethemovie.com for the trailer, and like us on facebook at inversethemovie where you can see the first reviews we've gotten for the film!

Mark Stolaroff

Hey Stephanie, congrats! Yes, we played both of those festivals (and won awards at both). I can definitely help navigate sci-fi festivals. Your film seems to have a lot in common with "Pig." Message me and we'll schedule a time to talk. Yes, hope you get into Sci-Fi-London--it's a great festival.

Stephanie Bell

I can't wait to see your film! Right now my schedule is wide open except for a tentative meeting on Wednesday at 3 pm. I'll message you on FB with my contact info!

Wallace Brown

All the best with this :-)

René Roland Hansen

oohhh sooo happiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii4 u all keep going best of luck kindly regards from renerolandhansen

Reece Elisabeth

That is awesome Mark congrats!

Richard "RB" Botto

Long time coming, Mark! Well deserved. A great film that deserves more exposure!

Donnie Harold Harris

The blessings already are.somebody?

Maria Pretorius

Well done, hope it is going be a blockbuster

Sandra Fernandez

Congrats :))

Fred Ashman

Good for you. Hope you recoup some $ for all your efforts.

Maria Pretorius

Well done

Pete Allman


Dervin Gilbert

Great film and I want to work in your next one!

Genevieve Thomas

Yes, good film. Super job!!!

Rick James

Good job! Another success for an independent.

Ken Koh

Congratulations! Would you mind sharing a bit about your deal with Kino Lorber?

Maria Pretorius

Great to see somevbody making it.

Rick James

Wow, great news. Much success.

Sandra Steele

That's fantastic! Good Luck to you!

Rick James

Independent's rule!

Sandra Fernandez

lovely :)

Simon Sharman

Congrats Mark. The road to distribution is definitely a long one - I tip my hat to you. Best of success to you and the film.

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