Success Stories: FEB'14 Very Thankful to Get a Script Request

Mitchell Eiven

Very Thankful to Get a Script Request

Excited to have a script requested by APA. I spent quite a bit of time working and reworking the pitch. So thankful and happy to get the positive feedback.

K Kalyanaraman

Congratulations, Mitchell. Go for it. Work on it:-)

Eric Westlake

Good job Mitchell!

Phil Parker

Getting feedback and reworking our writing is the way we make it happen, hey?! :-) Great job!!

Emma J Steele

Congratulations, Mitchell! And I echo Phil's comments too!

Helena Ellison

Congrats! :)

Shawn Speake

Congrats, Mitchell!

Timothy Vandenberg

congrats Mitchell

Alix Beech

Congratulations Mitchell.

Shannon Forth Davies

Way to go!

CK Steefel

Congrats! Keep us posted!

Audrey Levan

That is a great news!!!!!!!!!!!!

David Levy

Congrats!! Keep plugging!

Diane Kryzaniak

Mitchell, Congratulations and Awesome Job!, I know how hard you worked on your script. I am now working on my 3rd installment or script, after I got a request for my material,

Asmeeta Bhogaita


Asmeeta Bhogaita

Sorry typo error: congratulations!

Audrey Levan


Sylvia Marie Llewellyn


Debora Seidman


Laura Saitta


K Kalyanaraman

Good luck!

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