Success Stories: AUG'2 We'd like to read your script

Robert Broad

We'd like to read your script

In spite of my pitch, Daniel Vang from Binderspink requested my screenplay. Very positive discussion and I got to see Joey Tuccio perform magic!

Rachel Cann

why not be specific about this magic?

Robert Broad

Rachel, its a private joke between Joey, Daniel and myself..... Joey does magic tricks if you get him in the right mood.

Rachel Cann

ok thanks for taking the time to explain. this site is a big mystery today I agreed to be in some Hollander's network (and he's got over 10 k people already) but I saw my Malibu cutie wants to do a movie about George c scott! (and I thot he was a producer) methinks there's a few floating phonies including my cal. guy who says he's made "shorts"

John Cruz Alarid

Congratulations! Keep us posted.

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