Success Stories: MAR'16 When I finally made the decision...

Diana Murdock

When I finally made the decision...

For a year I allowed life to sway me from pitching an anthology I am a part of, even though I had the support of everyone involved. I finally decided to just do it and pitched the concept to Aron Brown of Sheree Guitar Entertainment, and BAM! Got a request! Win!

Izzibella Beau


Diana Murdock

Thank you, Izzibella!

Clayton Broomes Jr.


Linda Bradshaw Rogers

Great job, girl!

Diana Murdock

Thank you, Clayton and Linda! I appreciate your support.

David M. Tribuiani

Sweet news Diana. Love to hear positive stories such as yours...keep the train rollin!

Diana Murdock

Thank you, David. This truly boosted my confidence :)

Erik Grossman

Nice!! Awesome job Diana! I mediate some of Aron's sessions, she's great!!

Diana Murdock

Great to know, Erik! Putting it out there we can take it to the next level!

Aray Brown

Great news Diana!

Shaunda Young

NICE...i'm going work up the nerve one day very soon...congrats

Diana Murdock

Thank you, Aray!

Diana Murdock

Shaudna, the trick is to commit and then don't let your fears take over. I basically just got to work on the pitch and didn't overthink the process. So, just do it! Good luck! And thank you!

Mark Proulx

Sometimes it's just best to go for it. Throw your fears and concerns aside because this is just a numbers game after all. The more people you ask to read it, the more chances you'll have of actually getting someone to read it. Pretty simple really....well done!

Diana Murdock

Absolutely, Mark! Thanks!

Simuel Rankins

Yay! Congrats to you! That is so awesome to hear!

Pat Savage

Congrats! Rejection is a part of the pitching process and remember they told Elvis and Janis they could not sing. Go for it!

Carl Plumer

Woot! Great news. Keep on winning, Diana!

Diana Murdock

Thank you, Carl!

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