Success Stories: JAN'19 Winkie and the Sunflower was published on November 14th 2016!!!

LB McGill

Winkie and the Sunflower was published on November 14th 2016!!!

About 2012 I closed down my children's theater because city funding had dried up and I'm not fond of bankruptcy. I had heard through a friend that Stage 32 was a great place to meet likened individuals in the business and I really wanted to start my own film company. Along the way I met Emanuel Camacho here on stage 32 while I was looking for a storyboard artist for my second project Dead Serious. Manny and I struck up an immediate synergy that has now been going on for 4 and a half years. We tried some stuff and some of it worked out and some of it didn't. He was pursuing an independent publishing company along with various other projects and I happened to have a children's novella that I had shelved for over a decade. Manny read the little story I dreamed up while working at a children's museum and decided he had to publish it. Through many years and many failures- we finally found artist Anthony Sturmas here on stage 32 to do the artwork. We labored over edits and design and then in mid November it finally all came together and the first copy of the book is now available on Amazon. I cannot tell you how important being able to come here and connect with people all over this country- all over the world, has been to my moving my career forward. Thank you Stage 32, I spent many fond hours here for a solid 2 years while I was making connections and I hope to come back more often as I am able to move more projects forward. Many blessings to all the dreamers!

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