Success Stories: AUG'17 Wonderful conversation with Development Exec.

John F Tupper

Wonderful conversation with Development Exec.

Yesterday I had a really enjoyable and spirited conversation/consultation about my "Desert Rat" animated feature script with a development exec. at Dreamworks. His perspective and script notes were really helpful. Over the hour I got a better understanding and specific ideas for how I could meld my design of the animated world I created with what would work better in the commercial sector. On top of that he was a really good guy. Thanks to Joey for setting this up. - John Tupper

Stephen Barber

Great post John! I too am a great fan of this opportunity!

Shawn Speake

That's what's up, John! Way to work the site. Please keep us posted on your project.

Richard "RB" Botto

As a fellow writer, I love reading stories like this, John. Good on you for taking the initiative and for keeping an open mind. Keep charging, my friend!

Frank D'Angeli (aka Douglas Wentworth)

John, that's probably a conversation you'll never forget! Best of luck and hope it leads to great and wonderful things for you!

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