Success Stories: JUN'20 Work in progress

Keith Myers Melton

Work in progress

Hi All, "Script requested..." - what a lovely expression for a newbie. Pitched to Lee at Silent R last night (ten past ten Brazilian time - ten past six on the West Coast of USof A) To be honest I probably wasnt in the right frame of mind for pitching, so I felt more nervous than I have in a long time. Bear in mind I am a retired academic and have been in a good many situations over the years that have been much more pressured than pitching an idea for a film, so I was a little surprised at the butterflies. And they werent little butterflies, either, they were the big Brazilian, colourful ones flapping around! Perhaps it was the fact that this was about my fourth time of pitching the story and I had been knocked back three times. I had made changes along the way, after appropriate advice from Joey (thanks Joey!) and I AM a newbie to all this, after all. I published my debut novel late last year and only joined Stage 32 a couple of months ago. (thanks Stage 32) Also, it wasnt the best of days for an English expatriate in Brazil. The England football team had lost for a second time in the group stage of the Football World Cup here in Brazil. Blessem they tried hard, but the luck was not with them and a little luck comes in handy even for those with high level skills. They might still get through if..and if...and if. But, there we are - I had a job to do, so I stiffened the sinews and summoned the blood and perhaps it was the large Brazilian butterflies that gave me the nervous edge to deliver, despite the dry mouth and the occasional brain fade. Now I have to finish the script so that Lee has something worthy of me to read. No pressure there then! Definitely a work in progress. Wish me luck folks Regards Keith

Silvio Matos

Good luck for us Keith.

Keith Myers Melton

Thanks Silvio!

Suzanne Lutas

Best of luck Silvio!

Keith Myers Melton

Thanks again Joey

Nkosi Guduza

Good luck 'Mr' :) Lovely read especially this 'they were the big Brazilian, colourful ones flapping around' :) Awesome

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