Success Stories: JAN'19 Yay!!!

Kimberly Gauger


Just had my script requested by a 3rd major company!!! Thanks Joey for all you do, you've made this process so much easier.

Michael Campbell

You're gonna do great in this industry! All the best :D

Kimberly Gauger

How nice of you to say Michael..Thanks

Emma J Steele

Congratulations, Kimberly, fantastic news!

Phil Parker

Awesome Kimberly! Best of luck!

Kimberly Gauger

Thanks everyone for all your support! I hope your right Joey!!!

Helena Ellison

Kimberly, congrats!

Rachel Tisera

Congrats Kimberly!!

Steven Canfield Crowley

Congrats keep up the good work!

Leslie E. Stern

How'd you do it???? I have a terrific script I adapted and can't get it sold. Any advise for me?

Kimberly Gauger

Leslie, I just turned in the show bible. We have a really good one that one of our team members created.

Leslie E. Stern

I must be REALLY out of the loop. What is a show bible? My script is for a film (R-rated). My forte is adapting scripts from novels, since I am a novelist. I maintain the integrity of the original novel, don't butcher it like so many do, and still keep the script to the allotted 150 pages on Final Draft. I assume I need an agent to get me in the door. I have an original script (film) that I'll finish when someone wants it and I have another author's book he wants adapted. Help!!!!

Kimberly Gauger

Leslie, mine is a 30 minute sitcom, so I really can't help. Have you ever had a 1 on 1 with Joey? He's so knowledgable and helpful, thats probably where I would start first.

Leslie E. Stern

Thanks Kimberly. I assume you meant Joey Tuccio so I just sent him a message. Thank you so very much!

Kimberly Gauger

Yep, thats him…let me know how it goes

Curtis McGann

Kimberly, congrats! This is so great. If you are in need of actors, please keep me in mind.

Leslie E. Stern

Will do!!

Rachel Tisera

Kimberly, congrats on your success!! So awesome! In the near future when your ready to cast roles please consider me! :-)

Eric Pagan

Congratulations, Kimberly!

Tony Mendoza

That's always exciting

Boomer Murrhee

Hope that's only the beginning for you Kimberly. Wish you much success.

Bonnie Gail Carter

I hope you have a happy, healthy, and successful year. Bonnie

Edna Chichi Njoku


Marian Cheatham

Very exciting news. Congrats! Joey is the best!

Sylvia Marie Llewellyn

Congratulations Kimberly... that's great news. All the best.

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