Success Stories: NOV'10 !st Pitch and 1st Request!

Devere Rogers

!st Pitch and 1st Request!

I have been a member of Stage 32 for maybe 2 weeks and decided to put myself out there and pitch for the first time. I knew my script, I knew wha type of people and production companies I needed to target, and I just pitched from my heart and soul. My first pitch garnered me my first request from Flavor Unit Entertainment! Thank you so much Joey, Happy Writers, and Stage 32 because they are truly giving us artists a chance to make our dreams come true. I continue to learn every day from Happy Writers like you all and all the advice, stories, and experiences you share on this site. This request gives me validation and confirmation that I am on the right path. It motivates me to keep striving, pushing, and moving no matter what. I can't wait to pitch again!

Jack Ritter

Congratulations, Devere!

Rick Reynolds

Outstanding! Congrats!

Shari D. Frost

Congrats, Devere, very inspiring!

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