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Larry DeGala
Dark Sci-Fi Screenplay Wins Award for Best Dark Drama in the Pacific Northwest

"All My Shades of Blue" wins the Award for "Best Dark Drama Feature Screenplay" at the Oregon Scream Week Film Festival for the Summer of 2021.

#AnimalAstronautsinLove #PsychologicalDrama #MarsIsForTheBirds #DarkSciFi #WebtoonSeries

Wendell Kinney
Excited for Paul Bates in his return on Coming to America 2, but EVEN MORE excited to be working with him in the role as my father in the upcoming film "Life Ain't Like The Movies".

Proud for the success of Coming to America 2 but even happier for Paul Bates, who will be my on screen father in the upcoming film "Life Ain't Like the Movies"

#actorslife #tv #blessed #film #movie #success #livingthedream

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Wendell Kinney - IMDb
Wendell Kinney - IMDb
Wendell Kinney, Actor: Bernie the Dolphin 2. The magna cum laude graduate in Computer Science from Atlanta has followed an interesting path since graduating from Shaw University. He attended graduate…
Katherine de Bois

Hi Wendell. Firstly I am excited for you for your role, and secondly, I cannot get my head around the fact we are old enough now that he is sooo old - he is playing your father. Time flies.

Karen "Kay" Ross

WHA?!?! That's so cool! Have fun with Paul (and maybe drop us a little BTS in the Acting Lounge when you get a chance? ;-) ) Wasn't it great to see him back on screen from C2A2?! Loved all the cameos, too!

Monica Mansy

Hi, Wendell Kinney! WOW, so cool! It was great to see him again and I LOVED Coming 2 America! Congrats on your upcoming role; break a leg!

Sandikazi Scwebu

I love Coming to America 2, congratulations - can't wait to watch "Life Ain't like the Movies"

Stage 32 Job Alert
Casting Director hired through Stage 32 Jobs

Jonathan Stimac, a Casting Director from Kailua-Kona, Hawaii was just hired for the project titled "Crew For Reality Tv". Congratulations!

Larry DeGala
Elvenheim 3 Screenplay at the L.A. Sci-Fi & Horror Festival

Official news--

Best Unproduced Screenplay






#ElvenheimTrilogy #PeckinpahBandOfMagicalHeroines...

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Film Festivals, Screenplay Contests, Submissions
Film Festivals, Screenplay Contests, Submissions
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Stage 32 Job Alert
Line Producer hired through Stage 32 Jobs

Logan Stearns, a Line Producer from New York City, New York was just hired for the project titled "Personnel Wanted for ''Playhouse 2022''". Congratulations!

HIRED TO WRITE A FEATURE FILM........Thank you R.B., all of Stage 32!

I thought I wrote this a couple of days ago, but can't locate it and wanted everyone to know...DON'T GIVE UP!! Because Stage 32 offered assistance and guidance and everything in the world a want-to-be screenwriter needs to become successful and because Joey took 10 minutes for me and told me to CONC...

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Patrice Williams Marks

I see this post was from 6 years ago. Can you post an update?

Wally Wu

This is amazing!!! Congratulations!!!!

Gaia Kim Bartolini


Jessica Rose


Although our executive producer came close to financing several times, it is not in production at this point. In the meantime, I am staying busy with other works and won finalist at the Reno...

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Anantha Narayanan G


Found a Screenwriter

I would like to share some great news. I have finally found an outstanding screenwriter, Christina Patjens, for my book's film adaptation. I am over the moon excited:)) Christina absolutely knows her craft, and she is a delightful lady who works diligently and attentively.

Carina S. Burns

Shawn Speake, Hi Shawn, great to be connected and thank you very much:))

Cindi Maciolek

Fabulous! Congratulations!

Lynn Tang


Carina S. Burns

With gratitude Cindi & Lynn!!

David P Perlmutter

Congrats Carina!

Stage 32 Job Alert
Animator hired through Stage 32 Jobs

Ricardo B Licuanan III, an Animator from Biñan, Philippines was just hired for the project titled "BiBee animation Illustrator wanted". Congratulations!

SherLann D. Moore
My First Sitcom Pilot Script is a Finalist

OMG! My first sitcom pilot, FAMILY RENTAL just became a Finalist in the Hollywood Dreams International Film Festival. Thank you HDIFF! Wish me luck!

Bev Oliver


Martin Reese

Good luck!

David Kleve


Patrice Williams Marks


Phil Clarke

Great stuff, SherLann

Tammy Klembith
GLIMPSES - Psychological Horror Feature Screenplay


Karen "Kay" Ross

Awesome news, Tammy! Congrats! Have you entered it into Stage 32's New Blood Contest as well? It just opened up!

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Debbie Elicksen

Woo hoo! That is totally awesome. Congratulations!

Jack Binder


Tammy Klembith

Thank you!

Max Shippee

High five!

Jess Waters
Made 'Variety' for my Short Film

This was definitely a career goal but I didn't realize it would happen so soon! Check out my short film "The Divinity Streak" if you haven't already.

David Kleve


SherLann D. Moore

Congratulations! I loved your film! Nice!

Karen "Kay" Ross

That is so frickin' awesome! And I love Ghetto Film School! They are doing some amazing work.

Rosalind Morton McLemore

Hi, I'm so thrilled that you got your big break. I'm hoping to do the same. Again, congratulations.

Jack Binder

Congratulations!! \o/

Stage 32 Job Alert
Story Analyst hired through Stage 32 Jobs

Romey S., a Story Analyst from Hakodate, Japan was just hired for the project titled "Crusaders For The Future". Congratulations!

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