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Stage 32 Job Alert
Screenwriter hired through Stage 32 Jobs

Shelly Paino, a Screenwriter from Boise, Idaho was just hired for the project titled "Romance Showcase". Congratulations!

Deborah Jennings

Congratulations Shelly! It sounds like a much better job for you than my rewrite.

John Cruz
Recent Pitch Session

Recently sent out my written pitch and got a request. Nice!

Suzanne Lutas

Fingers crossed John!

Boomer Murrhee

Way to go John! Much success.

Chad Stroman

Cindi Neisinger She hasn't been active for 3 years so might be slim chances she responds.

Joey Madia


Eric Roberts


Stage 32 Job Alert
Actor hired through Stage 32 Jobs

Michael Lake, an Actor from Toronto, Canada was just hired for the project titled "Actors - Zoom Table Read - from home". Congratulations!

Joey Madia

Congratulations, Michael!

Michael Lake

Thanks, Joey!

Sandikazi Scwebu


Janean Jeffries


The Public Servant

This Could Not Have Happened If I Didn’t Join Stage 32 ...

Shannon Kaeding

Congratulations, Lyter, and thank you for sharing your success with Stage 32!

David Henderson

Great job!

Doug Nelson

Nice to see it come to fruition. I suspected that you could pull it off - congrats.

Patrick Yaadar

Thumbs up!

Lyter Daniel

Seriously ... As Doug and some of you saw, I struggled with just a simple logline! So thanks for all the honest feedback - The honest, punch in the gut, suggestions are always the best.

I think the be...

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A.J. "Alex" Avila
Vecinos: Love Thy Neighbor

Very pleased to announce the World Premiere of our indie feature at the 54th Annual WorldFest-Houston International Film Festival. Our film was adapted from an award-winning stage play based in Austin, Texas.

Stage 32 Job Alert
Screenwriter hired through Stage 32 Jobs

Alf Collins, a Screenwriter from Pietermaritzburg, South Africa was just hired for the project titled "Romance Showcase". Congratulations!

Alice Carter

Congratulations, Alf Collins keep it up.

Alf Collins

Thank you, Alice Carter.

Larry DeGala
Elvenheim 3 Moving to Semi-Finalist

Amazing news! "Ballad of the Blood Moon Queen" was just selected by Mindfield Film Festival • Albuquerque via!

[Elvenheim 3] is the third and final tale of the fantasy series.

The feature script competes in the March/April Bimonthly Competition.

#YoungAdultPlusPlus #PeckinpahBa...

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James Welday


Lyter Daniel

Very cool!

Stage 32 Job Alert
Camera Operator hired through Stage 32 Jobs

Jen Lee, a Camera Operator from Santa Monica, California was just hired for the project titled "Corporal Punishment in America". Congratulations!

Johnny K. Wu
Wu Xia 2 The Code (aka Immortal Combat The Code) wins 3 additional awards at The Indie Gathering Film Festival

Hi all, just wanted to share this exciting news, while the movie is current in distribution world wide, this past Sunday at the film festival, we were awarded three additional awards in addition to the Best Action Feature Film.

Now it includes : Best Supporting Actor, Best Cinematography and Best Edi...

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Wu Xia 2 The Code (SPECIAL) Watch Party
Wu Xia 2 The Code (SPECIAL) Watch Party
Winning several awards including 3 Best Action Feature Film, Best Action Sequence, Best Editing, Best Cinematography, Best Supporting Actor at film festivals. The movie is currently in distribution wo…
Johnny K. Wu

Christian Nommay thank you so much, hope you can join us for this indie film watch party and support us :)

Christian Nommay

I would have loved to, sadly because of the different time zone that might be very difficult for me.

Johnny K. Wu

Christian Nommay it's same time zone actually :) 7pm EST and if you are in Quebec, it's the same time zone. :)

Christian Nommay

Johnny K. Wu , my bad. In that case, I'll try to make it. ;)

Johnny K. Wu

Christian Nommay :) thanks for the support.

Stage 32 Job Alert
Colorist hired through Stage 32 Jobs

Jason Feiler, a Colorist from Cleveland, Ohio was just hired for the project titled "Color Correction on Short Film ". Congratulations!

The Public Servant

Proud to announce that my first Screenplay

THE PUBLIC SERVANT has been been officially selected in the first contest I have ever entered. There is no way I could have finished this without the help of everyone on Stage 32. So thank you!

Maurice Vaughan


Shadow Dragu-Mihai


Lyter Daniel

James, Maurice, Shadow ... Thank you! I think some of you even helped with this logline at least a dozen times -

Carlos Esquivel

Congratulations, sir.

Patti Sunderlan

That is so awesome! Congratulations! Can’t wait to see it on screen. Please keep us posted.

Joe Thayer
Hired to write a script for a feature film - Found on Stage 32!

Landed a job to write the script for a feature film through a job posting on Stage32. I met with the producer, showed some samples, and we clicked. I'm excited to dig into this story. Thanks Stage 32!!

Jack Binder

Congratulations Joe & @Stage32!

Rebecca Riseling

What boon to your career, awesome news!

Katherine de Bois

Well done. Exciting news. Another example of the power of networking on this platform

Ray E. Spencer

Great news for you, Joe--great success with your gig! Congratulations.

James Welday

That's great, Joe! Congrats!

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