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Mariannjely Marval
My first request of material! :)

I’m very tough with myself and sometimes I feel I’m not good enough, but today I decided to be gentle and celebrate a small win. I’m telling to myself: Mariannjely, you are enough ✨ This is a feedback for my FIRST pitch of this pilot I wrote and my FIRST material request at @stage32

Nathan Mccoy

Way to go, hope that turns into a deal! Congratulations!

Johnathan Burns

Congrats Mariannjely Marval and yes it is a little victory worth celebrating. I also received a 4/5 and request from my pitch and consider it confirmation of good writing at the very least. I hope we...

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Mariannjely Marval

Thank you for your kind words!! :)

Kathaleen M. Brewer

Congratulations!! Pitching is my biggest road block. I actually learned some things reading those comments. Think I need to take some acting lessons....

Amy Gray

YES GIRL!!!! Time to dance <3 So happy for you :)

Ihekuna Chimezie Benedict
Audio drama produced!

Taya Rose, a member of stage32, produced and directed my short audio drama, 'A Taste of Poison'. Kindly listen, share, comment under the Comment Section of theproject's publication and tell your friends about this!

See link

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A Taste of Poison - Audio drama
A Taste of Poison - Audio drama
Hello,This is an Audio drama project I helped make.I didn't write it, see the credits for the details.Hope you like it and enjoy.
Shadow Dragu-Mihai

Very nice.

Ihekuna Chimezie Benedict


Ihekuna Chimezie Benedict

Shadow Dragu-Mihai Please comment and share!

Stage 32 Job Alert
Director hired through Stage 32 Jobs

Simone Bartesaghi, a Director from Los Angeles, California was just hired for the project titled "Director with an experiencia". Congratulations!

Stephanie J. Castillo
Nominate Richard Botto for an award for inventing Stage 32

Which award should we submit to?? Let's do it and acknowledge him and this marvelous creation!!

CJ Walley

Thank you, Julie :)

Aaron Majewski

Thank you and sending blurb :)

Stephanie J. Castillo

RB is a creative and a genius, who put this idea together where he saw a void and decided to fill it. By following his instincts, his love for his fellow creatives, and his understanding of the diffic...

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Stage 32 Staff - Julie

I am so inspired by what everyone is writing! Thank you so much... Love to you all!

Angela VanZandt-Bumpass

I agree! Stage 32 is an ethical company akin to finding a bird nest on the ground.

Tom Kearney
Cure Seekers - Pilot

Our work is paying off! Here is a teaser to episode 4. Apitherapy in health and the fight against Covid.

Stage 32 Job Alert
Screenwriter hired through Stage 32 Jobs

Adrienne Thorne, a Screenwriter from Seattle, Washington was just hired for the project titled "The Places Between". Congratulations!

Indigo Hughes

Congratulations my fellow Seattleite. We should try to connnect!

Adrienne Thorne

I'm pretty sure this was not a real job. It's been deleted. This is the second time I've been "hired" for a fake job on here in the past couple of months.

Victor Ramon Mojica


Indigo Hughes

Oh wow. I'm sorry to hear that. We should try to connect anyway. Maybe meet for coffee and chat writing!

Getting on with it...

I would guess that; like many 'budding' screenwriters who have lives to live and day-to-day employment, I've spent far too long procrastinating about whether or not I can actually do this. Seriously - it's been over a decade for myself.

Over the years I've had flurries of activity from time to time,...

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James Welday

Great story, and you should feel so proud of yourself! My mantra has always been: be creative, no matter how you do it. Procrastination is truly the name of the game when it comes to us writer's, so it's great that you're putting your work out there.

Vera Brooks
Writer/Producer of Anthology Podcast, Ep. 1: LaDonna's Epiphany

This first episode features actress Anna Maria Horsford. Listen and visit

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"LaDonna's Epiphany" Ep. 1 of Vaccine Vignettes Podcast by Vaccine Vignettes Podcast
"LaDonna's Epiphany" Ep. 1 of Vaccine Vignettes Podcast by Vaccine Vignettes Podcast
LaDonna Smith returns to her hometown of Chicago from her high profile political job in D.C. to take her parents for their Covid-19 vaccines, which results in her getting a dose of humility and restor…
Lisa Russell
First mention as an Academy Nicholl QF screenwriter and I'm HYPED!

Hey! I got my first mention as a screenwriter! It's in an article mostly about my co- producer, but it's still a mention. I'm official! :)

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Lisa Russell

Thanks everyone!

Craig Parsons

Congratulations Lisa!

Doug Nelson

Yes Lisa - you are now official - savor your moment in the sun. Congratulations are in order.

Karen "Kay" Ross

Congrats, that's awesome!

Mariannjely Marval

Congrats!! That's wonderful!! :)

Philip Sedgwick
ZAP! in the Phoenix Film Festival

The official laurels are in from the Phoenix Film Festival where my short film ZAP! has been selected. Come August we'll be attending the fest in person and can hardly wait!

A year ago the Phoenix Film Festival selected the script for ZAP! as the winner of their Screenplay Search. We've come full ci...

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Maurice Vaughan

Congrats, Philip

Maurice Vaughan

Philip, I tried to find the other post you made so I could reply to your comment, but I didn't find it.

Jameson Martel

What an honor!

Philip Sedgwick

Maurice Vaughan Long story round, but here I am. Thanks again.

Philip Sedgwick

Thank you, Jameson.

Diane Morton-Gattullo
Published my first book

My first book, This Life Of Ours, from the Fairy Tales Of Mob Bartenders series, is now available on Amazon Prime and Kindle!;-)

Lazarus Strain

Congrats Ms.Diane

Eric Gilmartin

Way to go, Diane! Congratulations to you. My mom's about to publish a collection of her short fiction. This is a good time, I think, for independent authors!

Pat Savage

Congratulations to you Diane

Raymond Zachariasse


Christine Powell

Well done. Good Luck.

Stage 32 Job Alert
Crew hired through Stage 32 Jobs

Patrick Ruane, a Crew from London, England was just hired for the project titled "Crew Wanted for The Places Between". Congratulations!

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