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Ben Johnson Jr.
Ben's Big Break

Hello friends, In 2019 I entered the prestigious FINAL DRAFT BIG BREAK SCREENWRITING CONTEST, an international competition with 8000 entrants, and won my category with my feature script, CANAAN. Amongst other prizes I've been invited to LA to attend the awards ceremony and have meetings with Hollywo...

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Ben's Big Break
Ben's Big Break
Hi Everyone! I've had the awesome privilege of winning the Diversity category of the FINAL DRAFT BIG BREAK SCREENPLAY COMPETITION 2019. This means some cool prizes and an invitation to attend the awar…
Ally Shina

Hello Ben, congratulations on your big win. It's nice to see a fellow South African making a name for themselves in Hollywood. I will most certainly donate towards your funding endeavour because you deserve to claim your prize. I wish you all the best.

Ben Johnson Jr.

Thank you Ally! I appreciate that immensely. Every bit helps

Phillip 'Le Docteur de Script' Hardy
Dracula, The Complete Novel For Television Wins Grand Jury Prize.

I'm pleased to announce that Dracula, The Complete Novel For Television has won the Grand Jury Prize for Best Screenplay at the Los Angeles Motion Picture Festival.

Phillip 'Le Docteur de Script' Hardy
Dracula, The Complete Novel For Television Is a Finalist

I'm happy to announce Dracula, The Complete Novel For Television has been chosen as a finalist for best feature screenplay at the Vegas Film Awards.

John Ellis
Distro for webseries

Our webseries, No Tomorrow, has landed distro through a new streaming service, 4Streams. Melissa Butler and I connected through S32, and have started what I believe will be a long and prosperous relationship!

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Anton Zwijsen


John Ellis

Thanks, Anton Zwijsen!

Lee Roth
No Rest For The Brave

We just put a project into development, NO REST FOR THE BRAVE, as a result of Stage 32!

A Navy Petty Officer denounces an illegal scheme to sell weapons to Iran using the USS Kitty Hawk and ends up involved in the Iran-Contra affair. Based on the memoirs Running Scared, written by Navy Petty Officer...

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Lauran Childs

Well done!

Derek Reid

Sam - "break legs" then! ;)

John Ellis

Lee Roth How is dev coming?

Stephen Foster

hot dog!

Gustavo Freitas

Hi, John Ellis. A lot of work, but it's going quite well!

Tony Martinez
The Nature of Man

Our short film the "Nature of Man'" has been selected as one of the two finalists for the "Hollywood Art and Movie Awards" 2020 and will be screening in Santa Monica this January 23rd...

Evelyn von Warnitz

Such a great work & important theme! Thank you for touching it.

Phillip 'Le Docteur de Script' Hardy
Dracula, The Complete Novel For Television Is Official Selection.

I'm pleased to announce that Dracula, The Complete Novel For Television was chosen as official selection at the Vegas Movie Awards. 

Anthony Osarfo

Proud, proud, proud. Go for gold.

Philip Sedgwick

Very cool. Great end to a prolific year for you, PnpH!

Phillip 'Le Docteur de Script' Hardy

Thanks Anthony and Philip. Happy New Year.

Thanks to the Happy Writers!

I had a lovely meeting with Joe Russo of Level 1 Entertainment today as a result of a written pitch submitted through the Happy Writers. Joe was a delight and requested to read another one of my scripts as a result of the meeting. If you have the opportunity to pitch to Joe Russo, I heartily recommend it.

Jan Evans

That's awesome Ashley! What great news!

Abigail Rich

WARNING Ashley P Quach is a FAKE account using a STOLEN photograph. It has been reported to the Admin. DO NOT share information with this account.

Stage 32 Job Alert
Screenwriter hired through Stage 32 Jobs

Melissa Butler, a Screenwriter from Raleigh, North Carolina was just hired for the project titled "Screenwriter". Congratulations!

Lee Chavis
New Writing Gig

I recently landed my first writing gig with Hollywood Blvd Magazine featuring the extraordinary artist, Noel Calcaterra, whom I had met on Stage 32 several years ago and who will be in three of my film projects, all of which are in the late stages of development. When I first met Noel, she had just...

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Noel Calcaterra: What Dreams Are Made Of
Noel Calcaterra: What Dreams Are Made Of
By Lee Chavis When Noel Calcaterra took off from Carrasco International Airport in Montevideo, Uruguay in 2013 and landed in LAX for the very first time, she couldn't help but wonder about the endless…
Pat Savage

Congratulations Lee Chavis !!

The Great American Script Contest

It's with great honor and a lot of shock that I can tell you all that ”LEGACY” WON Best Feature Screenplay at The Great American Script Contest. This contest is attached to one of the Top 50 Film Festivals on the planet! Yes, I am aware of the fact that they misspelled my last name!

Danielle R Erlich

Thank you all!!

She'Ra Hagans


Art Thomas

May the blessings continue,

Tracy Woody


Danielle R Erlich

Thank you, everyone! I love how this community cheers for each other and doesn’t try to put you and your achievement down. Once on another platform someone said, “I truly wish you don’t win an award specks!” Everyone on here has been so kind. I truly appreciate it!

David E. Gates
Two competition wins!

What a great way to end the year... I received SILVER in the AuthorsDB 2019 Cover Contest for my cover to Unzipped: The Mind of a Madman. And I just heard I won a local paper's Creepy Ghost Story competition for my short story, My Mother & The Medium.

Sam Borowski

Congrats, David! Keep Breaking Legs! GOD BLESS and STAY FRESH! <3 MERRY CHRISTMAS and a VERY HAPPY NEW YEAR!

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