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Stage 32 Job Alert
Production Assistant hired through Stage 32 Jobs

Davis Mccondichie, a Production Assistant from Atlanta, Georgia was just hired for the project titled "Crew Needed!". Congratulations!

Philip Sedgwick
OTRO LADO a FINALIST and to screen in Berkshire Short Film Festival

The short film I penned, OTRO LADO, today received its twelfth film festival acceptance. The film is a finalist in the Berkshire Short Film Festival and will screen (details tbd) on 28 September in Pittsfield, Massachusetts. What makes this extra special sauce for me... Pittsfield is where I was bor...

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Berkshire Short Film Festival | Home | Pittsfield, MA
Berkshire Short Film Festival | Home | Pittsfield, MA
The Berkshires are a year-round destination known for their world class arts and culture with the Philharmonic Orchestra and John Williams at Tanglewood every summer and Oscar, Tony and Emmy award-win…
Pamela Bolinder

Congrats, Philip!

Philip Sedgwick

Thanks, Pamela!

Jeff Blix


Amy Connerley

Wow!! Congrats! :)

Philip Sedgwick

Thanks, Jeff and Amy. Appreciate it.

Kit Wilson
Award-winning Film Festival Projects

Thanks to the creative skills of Seattle/Tacoma film cast/crew members, my six short films have been awarded eight first place trophies and exhibited around the world, from Berlin, Rome, Rio, to Chicago, LA and Seattle,

Cheryle Linturn

That's great, Kit, proud you should be!!!

Amy Connerley

Wow amazing!! Congratulations! :)

Namutebi Angella

Congregations Kit , thats really great.

East valley screenwriters

Four members of the "EAST VALLEY SCREENWRITERS" have received a Recommend on their screenplays from coverage, they are: Elvis Lynn Bray for "DUAL THERAPY", Dorothy St. Louis for "SCHATZI" John Mccarney for "BLOOD AND ROSES' and Lori Dreessen for 'THE COMPLETE PICTURE."

Nathan Smith

Congratulations to all!

Cheryle Linturn

Wow, the fab four! Good luck and congratulations!

Stage 32 Job Alert
Colorist hired through Stage 32 Jobs

Eric Lau, a Colorist from Singapore, Singapore was just hired for the project titled "post-production". Congratulations!

Never Too Late

I have been writing screenplays for about 20 years. I did it as a hobby because I just love writing screenplays. I wrote screenplays because it was my passion, but that was all. My first 2 scripts were terrible, but that was fine because I was just writing for fun. Then 2 years ago I started my 3rd...

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Carl Hippensteel

Thank you everyone for all the kind words of support. Very gratifying to receive such encouragement from peers.

Joanne Pjp

If you are interested in speaking - kindly inbox me

Emmett McKinley


Jay Reeves

Very cool.

Margaret Writes

Wow, you have great experience with script writing. This is my first attempt at writing a script ever, due to a request during a pitch session. It's too late to get scared now, so I am learning as I g...

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Stage 32 Job Alert
Marketing/PR hired through Stage 32 Jobs

Christopher Thomas, a Marketing/PR was just hired for the project titled "Welcome to my sofa TV Show 2019 Season". Congratulations!

Pat Savage

Congratulations @Christopher Thomas !!

Margaret Writes

Congratulations @Christopher Thomas !

Gustavo Freitas
Rising Star Award from BIFF

I would like to thank the good folks from Brazil International Film Festival for choosing me for the Rising Star Award in their 2019 edition.

This is a cool award!

Felix Boahen

Well done, Dude.

Godwin Hayford-Labronzy


Derek Reid


Phil Parker

Congrats! Well done!

Margaret Writes

Congratulations! That's a wonderful accomplishment! Well done!

Stage 32 Job Alert
First Assistant Camera hired through Stage 32 Jobs

Krystian Kwiatkowski, a First Assistant Camera from Atlanta, Georgia was just hired for the project titled "Crew Needed!". Congratulations!

Maurice Vaughan


Phillip "The Genuine Article" Hardy
The Other Austen Girl is an Official Selection and Finalist at Oaxaca Film Festival.

I'm pleased to announce that The Other Austen Girl is an official selection and screenplay finalist at the Oaxaca Film Festival. This is my second consecutive year achieving this recognition from this festival.

Pat Savage

Congratulations and two years in a row! You are doing something very right! Kudos

Phillip "The Genuine Article" Hardy

Pat: Thanks for your support.

Pat Savage

Phillip "The Genuine Article" Hardy I know the genuine article when I see one mate!

Gustavo Freitas

Hi, Phillip. Congratulations! Are you going this year? I’ll be there, second year in a row too.

Auryn Rose Moondragon
I got a director!

An interested DP contacted me through a different site, but he needed a director. I posted an ad in the Jobs section here, and got a great one! Now I have to find everyone else I need. I have two major crew positions that are my focus right now, but as I say in my ad, we won't turn away anyone who fits our requirements for the long term.

Shelly Toscano


Philip Sedgwick
Wild Bunch Film Festival

Notification recently moseyed in that my family-friendly Christmas western script, CHRISTMAS AT CASCABEL GULCH made its way into the finalist category of the Wild Bunch Film Festival. Reckon we'll get in our silver pony named Gus and wander down the road to Willcox, AZ in October.

Artisan James

Great going! I'm entering my first contest within the next week!

I'm both scared and excited..

Philip Sedgwick

Be excited! There's absolutely nothing to be scared of... nothing like the peril you conjured for your protagonist. Have a blast with it.

Philip Sedgwick

Thanks, Pamela.

Phillip "The Genuine Article" Hardy

Congrats Cowboy Phil.

Pat Savage

Congratulations are in order!

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