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Sarah A. Newton
Best Dark Comedy Screenplay!

I'm super excited to announce my screenplay 'Funeral of a Lifetime' won Best Dark Comedy Screenplay at the Houston Comedy Film Festival!

Phil Clarke

Well done, Sarah. I hope you celebrated in style. Now what's the plan for it?

Philip Sedgwick

Congrats, Sarah. Love the title.

Pete Whiting

totes rad!!

Matthew Barker


Craig Amabello

very COOL!... How could we get a chance to read this script?

Phillip 'Le Docteur de Script' Hardy
Dracula, The Complete Novel For Television Is Official Selection.

I'm pleased to announce that my latest pilot screenplay is an Official Selection at the Los Angeles Motion Picture Festival and is currently being shopped reviewed by four studios and producers. 

Phil Parker

Congrats. Best of luck with it, mate.

Bill Costantini

Von into my vill give to me your script....I vant to take your script....

(Way to go, Phillip!)

Phillip 'Le Docteur de Script' Hardy

Thanks all!

Wayne Jarman

Congratulations. (Subject matter, close to my heart. :) )

Phillip 'Le Docteur de Script' Hardy

Wayne: It is a really incredible novel, beautifully written.

Matthew Hall


Ally Shina

Nicely done!

David Whelan

Great stuff! I'm a fan of Tasya Teles. Love her in The 100.

Phil Parker

Congrats, mate. It must be immensely satisfying for you. Well done.

Julian Nabunya
I can't believe it happened just like that ! Thanks Stage 32 site owners and the crew .

Hey : Every one , i woulld like to share good news with every one here over my achievement on this site in shortest period of time , i have just signed release with Alex Pop as a second unit director and producer for his up coming documentary SOFTWARNING HARD . Alex and I, met on this site this year...

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Julian Nabunya

Thanks every one above.. Cheers.

DC Harrison

Great news, congrats!

Sam Borowski


Winnie Khaw

That's great to hear!

Brian Fitzgerald

Very cool, great case study for Stage 32! Thanks for sharing.

"Anti-Gravity" placed in The Script Lab 2019 Screenplay Contest Semifinals

My pilot script for an adult animated series is among the 165 scripts to make the semifinals out of over 5000. Feels good!

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Announcing the 2019 TSL Free Screenplay Contest Semifinalists! - The Script Lab
Announcing the 2019 TSL Free Screenplay Contest Semifinalists! - The Script Lab
A Thousand Ropes written by Tim Greene Aloha State written by Alexandra Amadio America First written by Christopher Ryan American Vice written by Benjamin Feuer An Infamous Man written by Dylan Morgan…
Valerie Michele Oliver

Congratulations, Flip. Well done! ~Valerie

Deborah Sawyer

Congratulations! Fingers crossed for the finals...

Jean-Sebastien “JS’’ Parre


Winnie Khaw

That's so great! Congrats!

Winnie Khaw
Placed in 2019 Screencraft Sci-fi Fantasy Screenplay Contest quarterfinals

for Dream Rehearsal. :D 

Very belated realization, but I was like, nah, and then I was like, um, and then ... eh. And then so many months later I thought, you know what, the sting will pass and I checked and ... yay! So coherent. ;p

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2019 ScreenCraft Sci-Fi & Fantasy Screenplay Competition Quarterfinalists Announced - ScreenCraft
2019 ScreenCraft Sci-Fi & Fantasy Screenplay Competition Quarterfinalists Announced - ScreenCraft
Listed below are the quarterfinalists for the screenplay and concept categories of the fifth annual ScreenCraft Sci-fi Screenplay Contest, selected from nearly 1,000 submissions. Congratulations to th…
semi-finals in Stage 32 Fantasy & Sci-Fi Screenwriting Contest

Still not an actual success story, but my script Dream Rehearsal went on to the semi-finals!

I can casually mention this fact in my query letters! ;p

Kelley Christene Watson

Keep at it!

Evelyn von Warnitz

Congratulations Winnie!

Jay Reeves


Barak Shavit

Winnie Khaw But it's actual sweet!

Phillip 'Le Docteur de Script' Hardy
Bloodsucker U Semi-Finalist and Official Selection.

I'm pleased to announce that Bloodsucker U is an Official Selection at the Oregon Scream Week Festival and a Semi-Finalist at the Zed Film Festival. Just another indicator horror, politics and comedy can live together in peace and harmony.

Philip Sedgwick

Congrats! Wow, all those things in one place.

Janet Goodman

Good news!

Anthony Moore


Vladislav Savvateev


Barak Shavit

AWESOME Phillip!

Stage 32 Job Alert
Producer hired through Stage 32 Jobs

Silvia Imperatrice, a Producer from Los Angeles, California was just hired for the project titled "PRODUCER or/and ASSOCIATE PRODUCER FOR A SHOR". Congratulations!

Maurice Vaughan


Eric Gilmartin

Congratulations, and the best of luck, to you!

Socorro Jones

CONGRATULATIONS! Best of creative luck to you!

Phil Parker

Congratulations and best of luck!

David E. Gates
Sold my first screenplay!

Just sold my first screenplay! Okay, it's a bit of a sneak, but a sale is a sale right? I published my screenplay, The Projectionist, in eBook form and just sold the first copy. Not quite ready to jack in my job yet, but you gotta start somewhere yeah? LOL.

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Derek Reid

Kind of admire this approach. I assume one could still sell it down the line as long as it was self-published. (?)

Derek Reid

I know that Wayne Jarman has done this as well. Gotta get me a Kindle one of these days.

David E. Gates

Indeed Derek - I own the copyright, so it's mine to do with as I please.

Caroline Rovello

Congratulation$ ...

Rosalind Winton

May I ask why you didn't publish it in book form as well? You might get more sales if you do that for those that don't have kindles :

Donnalyn Vojta
JUST SOLD my paranormal horror short! The Visitor

Stage 32 provided me with a place to showcase my loglines and film synopses, and, sure enough, the placement paid off! I highly recommend Stage32 to any writers seeking to sell their original scripts. The Visitor is set for production in 2020 by Atton Films Entertainment and director, C'airra Cortex.

Melanie Star Scot

That's wonderful & inspiring! Congrats!

Donnalyn Vojta

Well, S32 members have inspired me, so I hope I can inspire them to keep trying no matter what! Thanks, Melanie!

Elisabeth Johanna Bennenbroek

Success with your story. Interesting I wonder often why some rooms in care centre are more empty than used, Story for you????

Caroline Rovello

Congratulation$ ...

Roy Dickson

Congrats! Love hearing the success story, and would love to pick your brain about your journey!

All the best of luck in your future endeavors.

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