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Stage 32 Job Alert
Cinematographer hired through Stage 32 Jobs

Vincent Patin, a Cinematographer from Los Angeles, California was just hired for the project titled "Crew Wanted for Forthcoming Project". Congratulations!

Stage 32 Job Alert
Animator hired through Stage 32 Jobs

Ricardo B Licuanan III, an Animator from Biñan, Philippines was just hired for the project titled "Animator Needed Revised$". Congratulations!

Larry DeGala
Screenplay Win in Hollywood Hills

Congratulations to Kelly Williams for "Op Dec", Nadine Weathersby for "Diary After Death", "The Soul Singer" and John McCloskey for "Untitled Rom Com." Brilliant works!

"Ballad of the Blood Moon Queen" makes #BestFeatureScreenplay in #HollywoodHills.

#QuadfectaWins #AwardWinning #ElevatedGenre #DarkFantasy #ElvenheimTrilogy

Maurice Vaughan

Congrats to those people.

Julian Nabunya
I can't believe it happened just like that ! Thanks Stage 32 site owners and the crew .

Hey : Every one , i woulld like to share good news with every one here over my achievement on this site in shortest period of time , i have just signed release with Alex Pop as a second unit director and producer for his up coming documentary SOFTWARNING HARD . Alex and I, met on this site this year...

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Winnie Khaw

That's great to hear!

Brian Fitzgerald

Very cool, great case study for Stage 32! Thanks for sharing.

Alainna MacPherson

That's so awesome! Congrats!

Samura Kargbo

wow great

John Mezes

Terrific news! Very happy for you! Continued success!

Ronika Merl
My First Option!


so. I just got off the phone with an indie director here in Ireland, who found one of my scripts on Stage 32, and I'm signing an option agreement with him on Monday.

Not sure how to feel, not sure what to think.

I just know I feel good!

Ruta Kaite

Amazing! Congratulations!

Louisa Kendrick Burton


Jeffrey Milne

Please keep us all informed on your progress and good luck

Theo Lavizzo


Vivek Singhania


Carlos Perez
Great News!

I just found out that my screenplay SKINNED has been named an Award Winner in the Ink & Cinema 2021 First 10 Pages Screenplay Competition. Yay! Have a great day. Here's a lnk to the competition.

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2021 First 10 Pages Script Competition
2021 First 10 Pages Script Competition
The First 10 Pages Script Competition recognizes exceptional feature screenplays and television scripts in any genre. Why the First 10 Pages? A writer only has the first 10 pages (sometimes less) to g…
Angela VanZandt-Bumpass

Great news, Carlos! What a great accomplishment for a writer!

Carlos Perez

Thank you, Angela!

Maurice Vaughan


Carlos Perez

Thank you, Maurice!

Maurice Vaughan

You're welcome, Carlos.

Johnathan Burns
A foot in the door?

Thanks to the Stage 32 Pitch sessions, my script received 4/5 across the board and a script request! Yes, I know that's not getting through the door but it is a foot in and it's confirmation of my work being at least good enough to gain attention. Celebrating the little victories!

Myriam B

It sure is! congratulations and keep us posted!

Jaye Adams

Look forward to seeing more and hearing more of your successes! Hell yeah celebrate your wins!

John Mezes

That's a big accomplishment! Proud of you, Jonathan! Best of luck, keep us posted!

James Welday

Congrats, Johnathan! That's great news!

Louisa Kendrick Burton

That’s wonderful! Certainly a step in the right direction. Congratulations!!!

Some recent victories...

Being a screenwriter (or trying to become one) is often filled with frustrations. From that line of dialogue that just doesn’t seem to want to come to outright rejection of that script you worked so hard on, yet we keep at it, because this is what we’ve chosen to do with our lives, and we’ve chosen...

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Mariannjely Marval

Congrats, Christopher! Stay motivated and keep writing!

Kinney Scott

swell job

Christopher Neal Fisher

Thanks, everybody! :) Right now I’m trying to work on a pitch for my show, which I’m finding a lot harder than writing the pilot script was! But I’m a “never say die” kind of guy, so I’m going to keep on pushing...

James Welday

Keep at it, sir!

Christopher Neal Fisher


Edward Gehlert
Doors are opening!

Stage 32 helped me build confidence in my work to actively pursue meetings and submit my projects. Since joining this site, the following has happened:

I have made it into the final round of the Austin Lift-Off Film Festival with one of my scripts and the winners will be announced on May 3.

I had a...

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Jaye Adams

Wonderful news and well done on your successes! Keeping my fingers crossed for you for your further discussions on your scripts on for 3rd May! It really is a great platform isn’t it!

Edward Gehlert

It really is. The members are helpful and the staff are fantastic with creating high quality content.

Larry DeGala
Elvenheim 3 Makes Semi-Finalist in London | Artificial Intelligence screenplay analysis

Official Selection, Semi-Finalist. Nailed the First Ten Pages solid! 






#AwardWinning #ElvenheimTrilogy 

Larry DeGala

Every aspiring writer needs to have A.I. (Deep Learning) analysis of her/his best script at least once. The process removes the "ego" and focuses on one primary aspect: "Is the story any good?"

(that's the important take-away in today's life lesson)

Mariannjely Marval
My first request of material! :)

I’m very tough with myself and sometimes I feel I’m not good enough, but today I decided to be gentle and celebrate a small win. I’m telling to myself: Mariannjely, you are enough ✨ This is a feedback for my FIRST pitch of this pilot I wrote and my FIRST material request at @stage32

Nathan Mccoy

Way to go, hope that turns into a deal! Congratulations!

Johnathan Burns

Congrats Mariannjely Marval and yes it is a little victory worth celebrating. I also received a 4/5 and request from my pitch and consider it confirmation of good writing at the very least. I hope we...

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Mariannjely Marval

Thank you for your kind words!! :)

Kathaleen M. Brewer

Congratulations!! Pitching is my biggest road block. I actually learned some things reading those comments. Think I need to take some acting lessons....

Amy Gray

YES GIRL!!!! Time to dance <3 So happy for you :)

Ihekuna Chimezie Benedict
Audio drama produced!

Taya Rose, a member of stage32, produced and directed my short audio drama, 'A Taste of Poison'. Kindly listen, share, comment under the Comment Section of theproject's publication and tell your friends about this!

See link

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A Taste of Poison - Audio drama
A Taste of Poison - Audio drama
Hello,This is an Audio drama project I helped make.I didn't write it, see the credits for the details.Hope you like it and enjoy.
Shadow Dragu-Mihai

Very nice.

Ihekuna Chimezie Benedict


Ihekuna Chimezie Benedict

Shadow Dragu-Mihai Please comment and share!

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