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Actor hired through Stage 32 Jobs

Anna Victoria Faklan, an Actor from Toronto, Canada was just hired for the project titled "BLUE LOVE CASTING". Congratulations!

Kyle Climans


Anna Victoria Faklan


Director of Photography hired through Stage 32 Jobs

Dan Hertzog, a Director of Photography from Manhattan Beach, California was just hired for the project titled "Unstable". Congratulations!

Rosalind Winton

Great, congratulations, perhaps you could pass on the major typo in the poster, it should be 'you're', not 'your' :).

A film I wrote is getting released at last!

DELIRIUM is getting a release date in November! From what I understand it will have a limited theatrical release then go to Redbox and others outlets!

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Nchango Boris

look like and horror movie?

John Kyle Sutton

The moment of fruition at last! Congratulations, Lisa! Your idea is going to make it to the minds of millions. Be proud!

Lisa Clemens

Nchango, yes it's a horror. John, it was not actually my idea. The idea is Director Johnny Martin's. When he was a teen, he and his friends used to dare heach other to jump the fence and sneak onto th...

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Joleene Moody

What????? Awesome!! I just watched the trailer. :)

Lisa Clemens

Update...It's being pushed back to January. Which is fine by me (except I was going to buy it for friends for Xmas LOL!)

Director hired through Stage 32 Jobs

Jose Zambrano Cassella, a Director from Canoga Park, Los Angeles County, California was just hired for the project titled "Unstable". Congratulations!

James Drago

Congratulations. Cool poster!

Pierre Langenegger

I don't want to be a jerk but proofread your poster. You got typos.

IMDB Review

Nice IMDB review from actress Ann Lukens on our web-series, Bermuda City.

"Bermuda City" Reviews & Ratings - IMDb
"Bermuda City" Reviews & Ratings - IMDb
Review: Thrilling indie series! - Bermuda City is a well written and well crafted independent web series. Great ensemble cast of characters and story line...
Debbie Croysdale

COOL! Congratulations.

James Drago


Outstanding Audio Feedback

Hello fellow creative minds! For this short film, I received outstanding feedback for my work for “Verge” It is about an inner struggle that a man goes through when he is distanced from his family. All in all, we received tons of positive feedback, and a link to the trailer can be found below. Faceb...

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VERGE Short Movie
VERGE Short Movie
VERGE Short Movie. 298 likes. "Verge" is about an inner struggle that a man goes through when he is distanced from his family.
Kevin Gamble

Hi Debbie, thank you. Yes, I did all the Foley as well, and will keep the film updated for its release.

Chris Brann

Good work. What setup and daw are you using?

Kevin Gamble

Hello Chris, thanks. Actually, my setup is fairly basic! I have a Scarlett 2i2 interface, KRK Rockit 5's, and an iMac I edit on. I use Sennheiser HD6 headphones for a closer listen as well. Most of my...

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Robert David Graham

Wow that got me on the verge. Goose bumps.

Kevin Gamble

Thanks Robert! Here is the Facebook page to keep updated on the film.

Summer's always looking for scripts!

If you know me, you know I believe we're only as strong as our network. Allow me to introduce you to one of the heavy-hitters in the Big Boss Network, Summer Moore. Summer is doin' it! Definitely somebody you want in your network. Go to her site for intel and check her out next Saturday the 11, in L...

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Nastassia Haroshka

what site??? thanks!

Shawn Speake

Thanks for asking! Summer is good people. Even if you're not ready to hand her a script, she's a super creative to have in your network. I would make myself known. You might even see BIG BOSS there. We're meeting today for a MMM polsih pass and to talk about flying out next week.

Jon Shallit

No way to contact her? Without a meeting? (Nastassia's dad, Jon Shallit,on board of directors

Thank You, Stage32, and Members

A BIG "ShoutOut--Thank You" to RB and Stage32, along with fellow members and friends on here (you know who you are--big smiles). I actually received my first Industry "water ripple" here on Stage32, when the Happy Writers forum gave me a chance to pitch the fine professionals over at RAMO Law, who e...

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Memento Mori Being Screened at Scary Cow Independent Film Festival!

A short film that I scored a few years ago (MEMENTO MORI) will be screening this Saturday, Nov. 4, at the Castro Theatre as part of the Scary Cow International Film Festival. I was hired onto this project through Stage 32, and used musicians through Stage 32 to perform and record the score. If you'r ...

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Brandi Thomas

Thanks, Aray!

Pranjal Joshi

Congratulations Brandi.

Eric Paul Chapman

Congrats, Brandi! Just saw this today and live on the east coast but would have loved to attend. How did it go?

Brandi Thomas

Thank you, Pranjal!

Brandi Thomas

Thank you, Eric! I'm sure the director has been busy prepping for last night's screening, so I haven't quite heard back from him, but I'm anxious to hear how it went! I unfortunately wasn't able to attend.

The Wretched makes the semi-finals!

My horror novel, set in Portsmouth, called The Wretched, has made it to the semi-finals of the AuthorsDB 2017 Cover Contest! I still need more votes to get it to the finals… please vote at - thanks.

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Cover Contest - Cover Contest 2017: The Wretched
Cover Contest - Cover Contest 2017: The Wretched
Judge Cover Contest 2017: The Wretched by its cover and find a great story. Leave your vote now!
Owen Mowatt

That's what I call a title. I like it.

Have you got a brief summary of the story anywhere?

Clare Keogh


Eric Gilmartin

Congratulations, David. Good luck, with the finals.

Christian Pius


W Keith Sewell

Congratulations David!

First Screenwriting Success!

I finished my MFA in TV and Screenwriting this past May and just won my first screenplay competition at Screamfest LA with my horror feature U-666!  Just in time for Halloween :)  It made quarter-finalist in a few contests but as a baby screenwriter this is my first big win. Holla at all the horror...

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Aschwin Urban

Way to go Jackie!!

Allen Lynch

Congrats Jackie!

Jackie Perez

I have it hosted on if anyone would like to read!

Jorge J Prieto

Congratulations Jackie! You make us all proud hers at S32

Michael Rogers

Well done Jackie, that is two huge steps right off the bat. Keep it up!

Filmmaker hired through Stage 32 Jobs

Jakub Micuch, a Filmmaker from Považská Bystrica, Slovakia was just hired for the project titled "Filmmaker and Music Composer Wanted". Congratulations!

Elisabeth Meier

Congratulations, Jakub. You'll rock it!

Eric Gilmartin

Good going, Jakub! Congratulations.

Jakub Micuch

Thanks guys! :) I am really interested what we will create. ;)

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