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Music Composer hired through Stage 32 Jobs

Pontus Ullerstam Tidemand, a Music Composer from Stockholm, Sweden was just hired for the project titled "(Unpaid) Fan Fiction". Congratulations!

Cinematographer hired through Stage 32 Jobs

Stephen Folker, a Cinematographer from Davenport, Iowa was just hired for the project titled "Cinematographer". Congratulations!

Un expected

I am proud to announce that Francois Larosa, my new Executive Producer has taken on The Golden Dream Short Film I created last semester and has plans to help distribute it toward upcoming Film Festivals this year. We are both very excited about this collaboration and his on going support and eggarne...

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Tori Rice

Thanks guys for the support!

Linwood Bell

Congrats, Tori!!

Mae Ocie Riley


James Drago


Annie Mac

BRAVO, hope to see it some day

Finally a first!

My sci-fi/film noir screenplay, "Code: Delete", has been named first place winner of the Little Screenwriters Screenwriting competition.

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Adam Harper


Bernadette Jean Fresno

That's great congrats

Ron Modro


Linda Hullinger

Congratulations, Anthony! And great title!

Christian Conte

Wow Congrats!

Actor hired through Stage 32 Jobs

Alana Phillips, an Actor from Virginia City, Nevada was just hired for the project titled "Actors (Extras)". Congratulations!

Pat Savage


Another deal signed today

I'm pleased to announce that I signed a deal today with producer Richard Clark Jr. to shop my award winning screenplay Four Negro Girls In A Church, which is based on the story of the 16th Street Baptist Church bombing in Birmingham, Alabama in 1963. Additionally, I have have a meeting with producer ...

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Christian Conte


Roberto Dragonne

Great, congratulations!

Erik A. Jacobson

A word of caution, Uncle Phil. I was contacted by someone also named Richard Clark Jr. from NC who liked a thriller of mine he saw on InkTip. He asked to option it on condition he be allowed to rewrit...

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Zen Master Phil


My guy is in LA and I vetted him out pretty well. Our attorney reviewed agreement is for a finished product and states nothing about rewrites. So I'm pretty confident we're dealing with different...

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Eyiara Olugunna


Screenwriting Award Recognition

Hello, Fellow Scribes! Hope Everyone is well and staying creative. I earned some recognition with my new feature screenplay, “The Dress”. It won “Best Thriller” in the Beverly Hills Screenplay Contest last week and was also a Semi-Finalist in Stage 32’s competition last month. Anyone else have some...

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Victor Titimas

Congratulations! Best of luck with it!

Bill Brock

Thank you, Victor. It’s a ghost story. I real labor of love— 14 months worth! ; )

Wayne Jarman

Congratulations, Bill. Well done!

Bill Brock

Thanks, Wayne. Just building the Writer’s Resume like everyone else. ; )

Roberto Dragonne

That's great. Congratulations. I am writing a thriller on these days.

Still...One of the top Dramas on Amazon Studios

My Sci-Fi/Action/Drama series “The Enforcers” is still one of the top Drama by popularity. And I haven’t been on there in over a year.

The Enforcers
The Enforcers
Animated Series about a group of time enforcers fighting to save the time stream plus dealing with their own personal issues.
Devin Teer

Hi John, I enjoyed your drama! Can't wait to see what you create next.

Filmmaker hired through Stage 32 Jobs

Jose Zambrano Cassella, a Filmmaker from Canoga Park, Los Angeles County, California was just hired for the project titled "Seeking Producers, Investors and Filmmakers". Congratulations!

Screenwriter hired through Stage 32 Jobs

Antonio Carmona, a Screenwriter from Caracas, Venezuela was just hired for the project titled "The Family Christmas". Congratulations!

John Hamilton

Great job, Antonio.

Dyemond Roughyn


James Drago


Antonio Carmona Alvarez
Production Assistant hired through Stage 32 Jobs

Leah Surette, a Production Assistant from Boston, Massachusetts was just hired for the project titled "Crew Needed For Horror Feature". Congratulations!

James Drago


Actor hired through Stage 32 Jobs

Karen Sanchez, an Actor from Los Angeles, California was just hired for the project titled "1500 Actors required for a IMDb self recorded". Congratulations!

Karen Sanchez

Yeee. I am so happy!

John Hamilton

Congrats! Break a leg!

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