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BIG UPDATE ON: Danielle R Erlich’s saga “Legacy”

Danielle R Erlich is working with “Watchmen’s” storyboard artist, Brian McKissick, and behind the scenes royalty, Stuart Lowder ( “Chronicles of Narnia,” “Star Wars,” “Harry Potter,” “The Mummy,” etc.) on bringing her saga to theaters.

Recently, Danielle, her saga “Legacy,” and her other screenplays...

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Larry DeGala
Dark Sci-Fi "All My Shades of Blue" Makes Official Selection

Amazing news! All My Shades of Blue was just selected by Oregon Scream Week Horror Film Festival via! During the slingshot burn, a meteor forces all hands to abandon ship. Alice and Theo are stranded on the runaway train and continue to Mars. #만화...

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Film Festivals, Screenplay Contests, Submissions
Film Festivals, Screenplay Contests, Submissions
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HIRED TO WRITE A FEATURE FILM........Thank you R.B., all of Stage 32 and Joey!

I thought I wrote this a couple of days ago, but can't locate it and wanted everyone to know...DON'T GIVE UP!! Because Stage 32 offered assistance and guidance and everything in the world a want-to-be screenwriter needs to become successful and because Joey took 10 minutes for me and told me to CONC...

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Pamela Bolinder

I love happy endings! (and happy beginnings) Congrats!

Alejandro Marello

congratulations, the best for you in this new stage

congratulations again!

Myriam B

Nice one Jessica! Real happy for you, thanks for sharing and encouraging us!

Susan Harris

That's great news, definitely a booster for us all.

Cee Whirx

Congrats on getting hired, Jessica!

Larry DeGala
Saturday in Paris

"Elvenheim 3" feature screenplay just got upgraded to Finalist in France this weekend!

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Catherine Natale

Congrats Larry! I worked on Killers at Play one of your films!

Larry DeGala

Hi, Catherine! I remember you as we tried to push forward the Nevada Film Tax Incentive in 2015. It was a good learning experience. I hope your 2021 is going well. "Killers at Play" took the 2015 Van Gogh Award for "Best Thriller."

Stage 32 Job Alert
Producer hired through Stage 32 Jobs

Adam Riegler, a Producer from New York City, New York was just hired for the project titled "Playhouse 22". Congratulations!

Rona Castrioti
First Screenplay optioned!

Hey everyone! So my first short screenplay is going to be optioned and I need to get a Pitch deck ready and have been told to start working on the feature version! I have my logline and synopsis but the treatment stage is where it hits home! Looking for advice on layout, how long it should be etc - much appreciated x

Karen "Kay" Ross

That's fantastic, Rona!! For advice on the script layout, I would suggest the Screenwriting Lounge (, but if it's advice on your pitch layout, try the Prod...

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Joanne Verikios

Congratulations, how exciting!

James Welday

Rona Castrioti Congratulations to you!!

Aray Brown


Judi Beecher
So Excited this Just came out a career retrospective about me in Film Daily!!!!!

I'm the lead actress in the new hit comedy Tango Shalom-- they interviewed me about my journey as an actress/producer/filmmaker/author/ singer-songwriter! Enjoy!

#acting #producing #actinglife #actress #tangoshalom #lagarconne #international #singer #model #i...

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Spiritual moments: Get to know 'Tango Shalom' actress Judi Beecher - Film Daily
Spiritual moments: Get to know 'Tango Shalom' actress Judi Beecher - Film Daily
Judi Beecher is one of a kind! The American actress from , has had quite the career as a model, songwriter, author, director and Taken 3 producer. Judi Beecher ventured across Europe and won multiple…
Doug Nelson

Truly a wonderful journey full to overflowing with grace, inspiration and hope. Thanx for being such a beacon in the dark.

James Welday

Congratulations, Judi!

Robert D. Carver

Stay safe, stay strong and stay sane.

Karen "Kay" Ross

Congrats, Judi! Also, just for future reference, hashtags don't work here. But, if you're trying to increase engagement, I always suggest a question or a prompt, which helps members respond. Keep us posted as your journey continues!

Larry DeGala
Screenplay Trifecta

Within a one week period, Elvenheim 3 executed a perfect trifecta by making Official Selections in Hollywood Hills, Paris and Albuquerque, New Mexico. My fastest record to date.

Mariannjely Marval

That's amazing! Congrats. What's the film about?

Andrés da Grava

where can we watch it

Kinney Scott

well i say just great now its my turn (: congratulations!!

Larry DeGala

Mariannjely Marval "Ballad of the Blood Moon Queen" is the third installment of the award-winning series. It is a psychological thriller that takes place on the fantasy world of Elvenheim. "The Lord o...

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Larry DeGala

Andrés da Grava I'll speak with a literary agent next week. We'll make the feature films for you to watch! Thank you for your praises, everyone!

H. W. Freedman
Southern Justice

My screenplay "Southern Justice" has made it to quarter-finalist in the Stage 32 screenwriting competition. Hopefully it will advance further as the judges choose the next level.

Maurice Vaughan


Stage 32 Job Alert
Screenwriter hired through Stage 32 Jobs

Connie Morales, a Screenwriter from Claremont, California was just hired for the project titled "Romance Showcase". Congratulations!

Deborah Jennings

That is not the title! It is another project that a screenwriter who applied for this job got on her own. Connie is writing "Doggy Daycare".

Tony Byrd

I had no idea.

Kinney Scott


Stage 32 Job Alert
Screenwriter hired through Stage 32 Jobs

Connie Morales, a Screenwriter from Claremont, California was just hired for the project titled "Screenwriter". Congratulations!

David C. Velasco

Congratulations to Connie!

James Welday

Congratulations, Connie! That’s great news!

Kinney Scott


John Mezes
A measure of success!! Onward & upward!

Hello fellow, wonderful Stage 32 family!! First, I hope everyone of you are happy and succeeding on your journey, best of luck and positivity to you! Now for my news! I received word that my feature screenplay, " Home " was chosen as a quarterfinalist in the 2021 Screencraft Screenwriting Fellowship Contest! Just the shot in the arm I needed!!

Deborah Sawyer


Eric Roberts

Nice going. We need those shots.

Bobby Bragg

Staying in the game "perseverance" is the most important thing. Way to go!

Kinney Scott


Steffany Lohn Sommers


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