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Kit Wilson
Awarded Fantasy Short Film in LA and Europe

Writer/Producer/Director of "Layla's Rain"- "A 1935 Dust Bowl saga about a mysterious carnival gypsy who rescues a deserted blind girl and changes her life forever." Slotted to screen in Paris, Florence and LA - with more festivals to come.

Martin Reese


Stage 32 Job Alert
Screenwriter hired through Stage 32 Jobs

Jasper Steed, a Screenwriter from Panama City Beach, Florida was just hired for the project titled "screenwriter". Congratulations!

Paul Grammatico


SCARRED is in the mix at the INYFF

Checked the website for the International New York Film Festival and saw that my action/thriller SCARRED has been selected. Cool, because it's gritty and deals with the theme of greed and racism. Timely... always timely and a sad thing. Anyway, I'll meet the day with the Peter Gunn theme playing in...

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Dan Guardino

Congrats Tony.

Ally Shina

Congratulations Tony.

Selected into international screenwriting mentor program!

Pretty bloody thrilled to be selected as one of only 8 Australian screenwriters living in regional/rural areas to be selected to participate in the Write From Home international mentor program. The program is for 8 weeks, starting early next month out of New York. The program is designed to strength...

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Tashia Hawkins

Congratulations that is awesome

Craig Hall

Awesome, congratulations!

Maria Johnsen

Cool, good for you

Matthew Barker

Thank you everyone!!!

Bardi Osobuanomola Catherine


Stage 32 Job Alert
Crew hired through Stage 32 Jobs

Lauren Bartling, a Crew from Los Angeles, California was just hired for the project titled "Pandemic TeeVee". Congratulations!

Stage 32 Job Alert
Screenwriter hired through Stage 32 Jobs

Richard Lasser, a Screenwriter from Seattle, Washington was just hired for the project titled "screenwriter". Congratulations!

Stage 32 Job Alert
Other hired through Stage 32 Jobs

Jasper Steed, an Other from Panama City Beach, Florida was just hired for the project titled "Animated Shorts". Congratulations!

Stephen Carter
PEEKER Selected as a Finalist in the SER Film Festival

Happy to announce Finalist status!



Tony Gonzalez

Congrats to you!

Phil Parker

Well done!

James Austin McCormick


Stephen Carter

Thank you!

Andi Bee

Congrats Stephen!! How exciting.

Stage 32 Job Alert
Screenwriter hired through Stage 32 Jobs

Sarah L. Stutsman, a Screenwriter from Los Angeles, California was just hired for the project titled "Looking for screenwriter". Congratulations!

Ellis Barrowman

Woo hoo!!!!

Ruben L. Martinez
Stage 32 Feature Drama Screenwriting Contest Finalist - Jean Buschmann for "Love Thy Neighbor"

I have to give a loud 'n very proud shout out to the talented Ms. Buschmann, for her impressive achievement.

Ruben L. Martinez

Like Jean said, CONGRATS to the winner Dawn Burgess, and the finalists. Here is the official list.

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Jean Buschmann

Thanks for re-posting that, Ruben!

Richard "RB" Botto

Well earned!

Jeremy Storey

Indeed. Well done, Dawn. Fantastic achievement. Bravo!

Jean Buschmann

And according to IMDB at least, it seems the script already has/had a production deal in place. So extra congrats to the writer!

Dawn Greenfield Ireland
Finalist again...

One of my scripts has been on a roll. The Far Corner (formerly titled The Crowd), is my psychological supernatural horror screenplay. It has been a finalist in several competitions. The most recent was announced last week: Inroads Screenwriting Fellowship.

The Far Corner (formerly titled The Crowd) p...

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Peter Mahan

Congratulations Dawn! Say, I'm curious, how many drafts of The Far Corner have you written since your first Finalist designation in 2015 and the latest one? Do you like the latest version better than the 2015 version?

Phillip "Le Raconteur" Hardy


Dawn Greenfield Ireland

Peter -- I've made few adjustments since 2015. Here's some comments from 2015:

ScreenCraft Horror evaluation: The Far Corner is an intense psychological, supernatural horror narrative reminiscent of mo...

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Ethan Frome

Congrats! Hope it gets made

Phillip "Le Raconteur" Hardy
The next step after a Happy Writers script read request.

This morning I woke up to a nice email note from producer Shaun O'Banion, who I met via a Stage 32, Happy Writers pitch session. He wants to have a meeting with me to discuss a possible collaboration on a screenplay. Although, I've received a half dozen script requests via the Happy Writers, this is...

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Tracy Jovolos

Hello Pamela, would you please contact me about a project that you might be interested in? Thank you Tracy :)

Onwukwe Abraham Ogonna


James Norris


Teodora Oniceanu


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