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Maurice Vaughan
Writer Lands Shopping Agreement After Networking With Producer On Stage 32

Today's blog is about the shopping agreement I signed with a producer who I met on Stage 32. I explain what the process was like and how you can find opportunities on here too.

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Maurice Vaughan

You're welcome, Curt. Thanks for being a fan. Guess I'm a celebrity now. Haha!

Michael Elliott

Once you're famous, get a more fashionable head shot.

Maurice Vaughan

Thanks, Michael. Fashionable headshot like an actor headshot?

Michael Elliott

Definitely, glam yourself up a bit,

Maurice Vaughan

Thanks for the advice, Michael.

Jacqueline Murphy
NEW project: Pepito's America: Fun part w. Tommy & Shelby Chong: See below~

Hi, Please Subscribe-click on red button & Welcome to my Channel! Hit EXPAND POST in red below to see links 

I'm happy to do the same for you! 

Thank you and have an amazing day! Jacqueline #tha...

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Stage 32 Job Alert
Voice Actor hired through Stage 32 Jobs

Kat Leroy, a Voice Actor from Brno, Czech Republic was just hired for the project titled "Voice over Character introductions - (Portal)". Congratulations!

Maurice Vaughan

Congratulations, Kat!

Stage 32 Job Alert
Actor hired through Stage 32 Jobs

Tracy Richardson Sales Agent, an Actor from New York City, New York was just hired for the project titled "Crew For TV or Documentary". Congratulations!

Maurice Vaughan

Congrats, Tracy!!!

Tracy Richardson Sales Agent

Thank you , you keep me motivated and moving forward.

Maurice Vaughan

You're welcome, Tracy Richardson Sales Agent. Keep us posted about how the job goes.

Richard "RB" Botto

Congrats on the gig, Tracy!

Navid Nikkhah Azad
“The Recess” at BCN Sports Film - Barcelona International FICTS Festival in Spain / 161st Official Selection

“The Recess” by Navid Nikkhah Azad was selected to compete in the 2023 edition of the BCN Sports Film – Barcelona International FICTS Festival in Spain.

“The Recess” (Spanish: El Recreo) directed by Navid Nikkhah Azad was selected to compete in the 13th edition of the BCN S...

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Maurice Vaughan

Great to see you again, Navid Nikkhah Azad. Congratulations on another selection!

Jacqueline Murphy
Campaign Madness" Airs: APRIL 15TH, 2023 on YouTube Pepito's America Tommy & Shelby Chong, Jacqueline Murphy,

"Campaign Madness" Airs: APRIL 15TH, 2023 on YouTube Pepito's America Tommy & Shelby Chong, Jacqueline Murphy, Carlos Moreno JR & Peter Kwong

@carlosmorenojr @jacquelinemurphy13 @funnyshelby@heytommychong @peterkwongactor

Emily J
Writer Options Script to Executive Met Through Stage 32!

Hey everyone! HUGE shout out to Tim Dwyer who just signed an option agreement with Cindy Villarreal, an executive he met through Stage 32. This is a another great step from a fantastic connection made last year that you can read about here >>

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David Abrookin

Very exciting! Congratulations, Tim!

Nick Waters

Congrats Tim! Love to see this!

Alana Gerdes

This is great news, congratulations!

Sam Sokolow

Fabulous news and great to see the power of Stage 32 at work. Way to go, Tim!

Sandra Ray


Stage 32 Job Alert
Producer hired through Stage 32 Jobs

Eddie Halaoui, a Producer from Los Angeles, California was just hired for the project titled "Financer". Congratulations!

Maurice Vaughan

Congratulations, Eddie!!!

Shopping agreement signed for STRIPPED!

MAKIN' MONEY MOVES! So excited to be working with Creative Screenwriter Productions (the development & production arm of the ISA) on my one-hour TV pilot STRIPPED!

John Michael German


Extravagantly extraordinary celebration to this depth of accomplishment.


Gratitude inside your steps.

God Bless,

John German

Jess Waters
Stowe Story Labs Semifinalist

Very excited that I'm a SAGIndie Semifinalist for Stowe Story Labs! I've got my fingers crossed that I'm selected but for now, I'll celebrate this!

Maurice Vaughan

Congratulations, Jess Waters!

Xenia Alter

Wow that s an achievement!

Nick Waters

Congrats Jess Waters !

David Abrookin

Awesome! Good luck with the next round!

Lynn Santer
We did it again

“Land of the Free: Out of the Shadows” did it again!!

Thank you so much #RedMovieAwards. I hope we can get some of our UK cast and crew to the screening before the Bill to ban the imports of trophy hunting goes to the House of Lords!

Shadow Dragu-Mihai, Esq., Ipg

The IIPG Awards are open for submissions now - your may qualify for consideration automatically -

Lynn Santer

Shadow Dragu-Mihai, Esq., Ipg thank you but we’ve concluded our submissions for this title.

Lynn Santer

Maurice Vaughan thank you my friend.

Maurice Vaughan

You're welcome, Lynn Santer.

Pushkar Yadav


Mama Rosalina the Sitcom

So thankful to God for this amazing experience! Check out our first Episode of Mama Rosalina the Sitcom, airing this month on CNJN and through various streaming platforms on the CNJN website!!

Marcia McNair

That episode was too funny! These characters remind me of people I know....especially the sons! LOL.

Janine Verduci

Thank you for your lovely comment!

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