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AI Storytelling Tools

My friend shared these with me and I think they are worth exploring for filmmakers One is for visuals, the other is for creating voiceover, and the last one is for writing scripts and content. Happy creating! Ai Art creation AI Sound Ai Scriptwriting

Mid Journey Download For Free Windows PC - 2022
Mid Journey Download For Free Windows PC - 2022
What precisely is the MidJourney? MidJourney is a brand new tool driven by artificial intelligence that can transform any idea into a work of art using
Elaine Haygood

You DO get that AI Art programs get their base material from stealing the work done by actual Artists on the web, right?

Morgan Aitken

Elaine Haygood , I didn't 'get that AI Art programs ... stealing the work done by actual Artists' -- I do now. Kinda gross. Also Kevin Jackson just pubbed a Stage 32 blog post The Light and Dark Side of A.I. and Filmmaking

Crikey, did I learn a lot. Like that bit about stealing real work. Then again, what intelligence (real or artificial) doesn't learn by repeating/copying/stealing? I guess the AI simply doesn't have the intelligence to not mimic, right down to the signatures on some works.

Elaine Haygood

The problem isn't so much the "learning" from the work of others that's how we ALL learn.

But, to scan an artist's work and then pretend as if it's an original piece sucks. And I'm not blaming the software. But, oh do I have some choice words for the Developers.

Morgan Aitken

Words for the Devs... Ooo, I ken that, @Elaine Haygood. My day job, among others, is software engineering/contracing. Especially using AI to predict turbulent flow patterns, stock prediction/probability analysis and machine learning. A wholesale ripoff of a creative work isn't intelligent at all. Likely not even machine based, but human (if you can call them that) scammers trying to push counterfeit AI to boost SEO for some shitty site.

Have you had work ripped off? I'd love to see some examples of copies.

Elaine Haygood

I have been lucky so far. But, there are several Artists that I follow via YouTube, Facebook and Twitter who have posted about their work being scanned by AI or worse. Stolen by someone who grabbed their work off the web via sites like Deviantart only to find it listed elsewhere under someone else's name.

Though. I did find a listing on Amazon for an early edition of my book, The Enslaved for like, $400.00.

I wrote to the Seller and asked them to take the listing down and complained to Amazon and nothing happened.

I had to I foem my followers on SM about the situation and ask them NOT to purchase a copy of my book unless they got it from my Amazon page.

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