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Liora Farkovitz

Blockchain NFTs

Hi Everybody, I am a geek too. I am currently working with AWS and Blockchain. I have some ideas about providing sustainable housing and meaningful blockchain development and artisan jobs. Especially to people attempting to escape human slavery, addiction, violent marriages, etc. I do everything from poetry to programming. I'm attempting to self-fund my project by publishing my life's work into non-fungible tokens.

NFTs are "minted" and it's kind of like a DVD menu with bonus stuff, in a digital container, that you can sell one or a limited edition of - and you can assign royalties however you like.

Example? I wrote a book called "topless table, bottomless chairs". Years later I bought some stock photos and I made a cover, which 20 years later, strangely looks like me today. I sold the original set, but found a very similar one recently - I plan to redo like the book cover, and share 50% royalties with anything that ever happens out of that creative effort.

I have a lot of photos, art, poetry, stories... maybe as many as 1000.

Imagine if VanGogh had had the ability to describe his bad ear day... and you got a cut every time that painting was sold, attached to his personal intimate description of its creation. His muse. THAT is the power of publishing to the blockchain.

Karen "Kay" Ross

I feel like I need an NFT tutorial LOL It just sounds like financing, but I guess it's for distribution as well?

Liora Farkovitz

It is a form of publishing - that surprised the hell out of me! The format is multimedia, and more like a DVD Menu. For instance, if you wanted to pitch your concept with supporting visuals like a free-floating visual portrayal - you could. You could auction off publishing rights and royalty percentages, secret videos that only buyers see, really it is only limited by your imagination.

I've been thinking - can you just imagine if you could go back in time and interview Van Gogh and talk about his art and why it is so relevant regarding application and mental health and just financial posterity. Who would imagine that his work would still be reselling now? But to take it to that next behind-the-scenes level - or to use the collectible nft concepts or evolution using the age or other data the nft comes in contact with? Also, the value of the access to that information that's verifiable has been proven valuable on shows like Antique Roadshow.

It's really neato mosquito, as we used to say.

Liora Farkovitz

So this was my first walk-through... Naturally, I fantasized about selling it and living happily ever after writing... but sadly it wasn't meant to be. But you can at least look at it, and see how it's structured. I have five other projects coming along. I need a really good Adobe After Effects person, or to become one, which with the concussion stuff, God, when? The name of one of my stories - that is connected to this #BlockchainUnchained thing is called "The Landlord" and I am having a hard time with the literary verses documentarian aspects of this "slavery" stories, or set of stories. It's possible doing this through the lens of an NFT is the best way to explain why documenting human trafficking and other sex/stalking or abuse crimes is important to do correctly and completely in this new era.

It's not just the digital forensic evidence of it, but it's also that it can't be corrupted, censored, altered, and decentralized. The government begins to need to fulfill its policies to keep its tax base.

Morgan Aitken

NFT's ... I'd have to say we're into memes territory. Kind of like seeing who can shout the loudest or tell the crudest jokes. Anyway, worth checking out if you've got infinite time and less than zero cash. Start with Minds (a social media platform on the alt-right) and the Brave Browser (a bastard clone of Chrome) that has crypto, NFT tokenism, and Blockchain functionality baked in.

Debbie Croysdale

@Shadow Thanks for the share. @All NFT’s, the Bitcoin industry & Web 3 are a fascinating possibility for both social & financial growth. Intriguing is the freedom aspect of no controlling powers, big brother pressure or turf readily claimed by established corporate giants. Excitement yearns but I’m not yet ready to jump in purely cos still studying the subjects. I see the candy in the shop window but won’t smash & grab. These newish tool are a life changer but you gotta know the ropes.

Shadow Dragu-Mihai, Esq

Debbie Croysdale Crypto is just not a usable thing in film. NFTs are flavor of the moment merch vehicles, but of little other use. Aspiring filmmakers are always looking for something to distract them from pushing their actual project, that's the attraction, IMO

Sam Mannetti

Great article Shadow - thanks for sharing.

Debbie Croysdale

@Shadow Thanks for the update. I'm researching NFT's and how artists use them. It would be great to have a seminar here, so RB if you're reading this? Fascinating though subject is, as a non techie I find it full of technical jargon with conflicting reports on both risk and revenue. Read Johnny Depp sells both physical merch & ownership to his unique artworks but don't know how much for cos can't yet navigate the network confidently.

Ami Mariscal

Liora, how are your stories coming along? I’m excited about your ideas!

Liora Farkovitz

Hi Ami, it's coming... I do still write but I find it easier to just talk into the microphone. and I've been messing around with ChatGPT and Dalle2 a lot. This is my Substack page and my first posting:

What about your projects how are they going? Are you finding your resources here?

Debbie Croysdale

Update to my suggestion (2 posts above) we need a seminar for artists wanting to use Metaverse, the God's seem to have answered! Right here there is one on 13th February on storytelling for the Metaverse with Christopher Morrison. Thanks Stage 32 team!

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