OTT & Transmedia : Desperately Seeking Storyboarding/Comic book creation Software by Morgan Aitken

Morgan Aitken

Desperately Seeking Storyboarding/Comic book creation Software

It's like this see: My drawing skills are rubbish. But I want to write a graphic novel to accompany a screenplay. Not a storyboard, as such, but a stand alone original work (thus stock images won't cut muster) to take the story where the screenplay can't, or where the screenplay leaves off.

Any suggestions?

PS: Hiring an artist is way beyond my means, and I'd like some flexibility to muck with the artwork in realtime. Does anything like this even exist?

Elaine Haygood

You don't need extreme art skills to turn out a graphic novel. I have friends who don't have exceptional art skills who have been moderately successful.

I've also seem some beautifully rendered books that haven't done all that well.

You DO need a good story.

Final Draft 11 and up has a template for Comics/Graphic Novel scripts. Clip Studio Paint ( EX Version ) will allow you to produce an entire book.

For drawing skills, look up any of Mark Crilley's Drawing Manga books which will take you through the basics to produce a decent book.

After that, I would say after doing some research. Decide if you intend to self publish or, go through someone like Image or Dark Horse.

Kevin Jackson

Storyboarder lots of tutorials on youtube and you don't need to draw

Morgan Aitken

@Kevin Jackson , you made my day! Crikey, you've made my whole month!!! And it's Linux compatible to boot!

Have you done any storyboarding/artwork with this program? I'd love to see some samples. Cheers, mate!

Kevin Jackson

Yeah sure I can show you some stuff I have done and possibly my students too. You can draw the storyboard panels or use built in blank 3 D models you can slightly modify. You can also export to your favorite drawing programme.

Ami Mariscal

Wow, Wonder Unit and Storyboarder seem awesome, thanks!

Ami Mariscal

This is cool software for creating images as well: Ai Art creation

Kevin Jackson

Yes Midjourney can be used to generate story board images

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