Transmedia : Green Actioneers - Is it a potential Transmedia candidate? by Dave Finnigan

Dave Finnigan

Green Actioneers - Is it a potential Transmedia candidate?

70+ Sustainability students at the University of Central Florida and I have designed an elementary school instructional program, drafted a 250 page workbook, and started working on a website at The book tells the story of 4 families whose kids all go to Watson Elementary.  It is a coloring book for the youngest kids, a word game book for older kids and it tells the adults, in English and Spanish, about over 100 Actions families can take to "go green," saving energy, water and money, and eventually the Planet.  We think of the book as "Project Drawdown™ for families" and we expect that our website will become "The Wikipedia of Green Action for Households."  Nothing in our book is scary or accusatory; it's all about solutions.  Our avenue for distribution for the books is through Family Nights to be held in the 100,000 elementary schools in North America post-pandemic.

Our question is whether this book might become the basis for a larger and more ambitious project including, but not limited to, a "Magic School Bus meets Captain Planet" style animated series, and possibly a comic book to get the concept out beyond the schools, maybe even a sitcom as our families stumble toward sustainability.  Your thoughts and ideas are welcomed.

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Dave Finnigan

Logline first draft - Elementary-aged kids and their diverse families living in mid-town, suburban and rural fringes of a typical city face and overcome challenges to saving energy, water, money and the Planet by "going green."

Karen "Kay" Ross

Hey, Dave Finnigan! First off, congratulations! This sounds amazing! Second, have you put together a pitch for a series? If not, no worries - you could consider doing a Book to Screen review with a development executive of your choice to see what they think about its marketability.

Definitely reach out to our Director of Script Services, Jason Mirch, who is excellent at matching projects with potential executives (or maybe managers, in your case):

Dave Finnigan

Karen "Kay" Ross - thanks. I'll do as you suggest.

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