Transmedia : How do you pitch a Transmedia project? by Ian Buchanan

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Ian Buchanan

How do you pitch a Transmedia project?

So as mentioned earlier I’m gearing up to move my transmedia project into the pitching phase. From what I have reviewed on the subject of pitching there is generally a VERY finite amount of time to actually pitch the project. This might be fine for a standard feature but how do you pitch a film which is a part of a larger project. Obviously the additional elements of the project are potentially sources of guaranteed viewers which in turn is some reassurance for any investment so you don’t want to neglect it, but at the same time you’re meant to be pitching a film and do you show a lack of faith in your story by not focusing on it?!

Karen "Kay" Ross

Hey, Ian Buchanan! Have you used the Stage32 Pitching Guidebook? My two cents - start with the anchor (whatever single platform will connect all other platforms) and then use the other platforms as a secondary selling point towards the end or even after they ask questions. Also, consider having multiple pitches for different situations - 90-second elevator pitch, 5-minute verbal pitch, 1-page pitch document, 20-30minute pitch, 10-20 pitch deck.

Ian Buchanan

Multiple pitches is a great idea, I'd never have thought of that! I'm lapping up resources on the subject just now so I'll be sure to check out everything Stage32 has to offer!

Debbie Croysdale

I agree with @Kay. Have a few pitches ready. Transmedia is an “Eco System” of an idea for multifaceted platform, some artists build up social media fans and self publish novelettes before even pitching to executive room.

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