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Screenplay to graphic novel

I want to adapt my screenplay to a graphic novel. This however is exhausting. I don’t have time in my life to draw it in panels. Is there a market for graphic novels where the format can stay somewhat the same and only have artwork that sets a mood or maybe one picture for important scenes? Any advise is appreciated.

Kiril Maksimoski

Those who can and have time are illustrators, but they cost. I was once attached to one of the best illustrators at my homeland who back then did a lot of work for French publishers. His price (this is 20 yrs ago) was 100 euro / panel.

Ian Buchanan

You can get pretty decent artists for around $150 per page for a completed page (coloured/inked and lettered). Higher-end artists are around $200 per page.

Karen "Kay" Ross

Thanks for that super-helpful information, Ian Buchanan! Would you know if that includes revisions by chance? When you said "completed page," my producer brain said, "oh, so $50 at signing, $50 at the rough draft, and $50 at completion", but I wanted to confirm. LOL!

Ian Buchanan

Yeah I think that’s something that can be negotiated with the artist. They’ll work on some thumbnail sketches to get some page layouts in order before going into the main pencils, you’ll likely have some collaboration at that point. After they’ve done the final pencils you’ll be pretty much locked in, they’ll NOT like changing finished pencils so revisions at thy point... likely off the table

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