Transmedia : What exactly is trans media? Please. by Robert Franklin

What exactly is trans media? Please.

Is there a simple breakdown to what this is? Thx!

Celeste Williams

Hey!!!! Transmedia is content that can be distributed across the various media outlets we have available. Example: You write a book. That book is then turned into a stageplay, followed by a screenplay. Then, a touring musical. It's thw same story, just "trans" or across, media. Hope this helps!!!! CRW

Celeste Williams

Don't forget the podcast!!!! Lol!!!

Craig D Griffiths

It started in marketing. It is also using various media channel to tell the whole story. Think of the Matrix. You have movies, plus an animated series, graphic novels etc. They all built one huge coherent story. If you stand in one media that was okay as well. But if you went across all media you had a better experience. This builds a more connected customer. Here is tends to be repurposed content. One thing used n many places.

Robert Franklin

Thx, guys!

Robert Franklin

Such as video games, comic books, cartoons, happy meals, toys, etc?

Viquii Johannesson (Vicki Johnson)

Love this Marketing strategy but not for every story

Vasco Phillip de Sousa

It started out as a way of describing the "world", especially the online world of a film. Like the old website for Blair Witch Project and the Matrix. It focused on a kind of not only marketing, but bonus materials for fans. (The Matrix's website wasn't really marketing, it was password protected bonus content for people who saw the film.)

Unfortunately, over the past 15 or 20 years, it has been adapted by academics to mean any sort of adaptation or franchise.

I like the old meaning, of an extended, fun world. (The reason it was online to begin with was that online wasn't seen as a money earner, and transmedia was meant to be more of a bonus, non-commercial addition.)

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