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Shellie Schmals

Why OTTs are turning to gaming ...

Tuning into Netflix and then deciding for the next 45 minutes about what not to watch definitely spoke to me. Really interesting how Netflix is turning to game collabs for shows like "Stranger Things" - but that show inherently has a gaming audience, what about the ones that don't?

Why OTTs are turning to gaming - Exchange4media
Why OTTs are turning to gaming - Exchange4media
From the bad old days of intermittent internet connections, and Google encouraging you to make a T-Rex run through a desert when servers were down, online entities have experimented with all sorts of…
Elaine Haygood

You know. I'm a fan of Stranger things and have not seen anything that allowed for gaming.

Though in many ways, this is no different than Cartoon Network's website that featured several games based on popular series-The Ed, Edd, And Eddy game was a fave of mine.

I also have to admit that at 62, I tend to make quick decisions on whether to watch something on a particular Streaming Platform.

This could be generational as I tend to keep substantial watchlists on my platforms of choice guaranteeing if there's nothing new I want to watch. I have a hefty list of old faves I can fall back on.

Shellie Schmals

Elaine Haygood - literally downloaded the most annoying game that was a sponsored fb ad last night, just because it was The Office. It's so dumb but I got hooked because it's very close to the plot of the series.

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