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Hey everyone, my script was "considered" after a "First 10 pages" review. My question is: is that bad, good or neutral?

Dan MaxXx

What happens next after a "consider"? Do you pay again to submit entire script?
In real world of coverage, it's pass, consider, recommend.

Roberto Dragonne

Thanks James. Yes Dan, you pay again to submit the entire script.

Dan Guardino

Robert. In that case I wouldn't waste my time. No legitimate company will charge you to read a screenplay if they are interested.

Dan MaxXx

Roberto Dragonne I wouldn't pay for a read but if you believe in this path, keep paying.
I guess the end game for everyone in Show Business is $$$$.

Darren Traylor

Thats Great please keep us posted!

Jussi Lampela - composer/arranger

hi folks, since it's introduction time, decided to leave a note here: I'm a composer/arranger from Finland, mostly working as an arranger for big ensembles (symphony orchestras, big bands and all in between), with a busy schedule doing that. But also trying to find some more work in the TV/film as wel ...

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Morgan Summerfield

Hello, Jussi. Music is an important element of any film. Best wishes.

Jussi Lampela

Thanks Morgan, and likewise!

What classes are most helpful for actors in the San Francisco Bay Area?

SF Bay Actors, what kind or type of acting or marketing classes are most helpful in your career as on-camera talent the Northern California? Any bay area actors out there?

Deryn Warren

I teach actors in LA and honestly I don't recommend on camera classes. They make you self conscious. On set you are told where to stand and what your marks are. Take an excellent class (like mine!) and learn to make exciting choices.

G.S. Murphy

Hello Ms. Warren, please contact me @ I would like to discuss an offer with you. Thank You. Scott

Rosie Ferdin Cruz

Thanks Deryn Warren really appreciate the info!


Hello, My name is Erik and I'm new to the Los Angeles area. I have written a few pilots and a couple of screenplays. I'd like to get everyone's point of view when it comes to networking in this town. What's been successful? How can I meet producers and other writers etc? I look forward to hearing from everyone. Erik

Dan MaxXx

Church, synagogues, gym, charity fund raisers, film festivals, sneak onto movie lot. Hangout at Urth cafe in west hollywood or Malibu Country Mart. ask Stage 32 owner for a staff/volunteer job. Lots of producers on paid website.

Michael Harrold

Luckily you live in a good town for meeting entertainment professionals. What are of LA are you in? My advice is to get out and meet people any way you can. There is a very heavy focus on networking for writers and it can't be overlooked.

Erik Hjortnaes

I'm around the Burbank / North Hollywood area. Thanks for the responses!

Doug Nelson

The way networking works in the Hollywood area is eyeball to eyeball and a firm handshake. Get out there; mix & mingle, attend festivals, participate in seminars, work/volunteer as a PA on every proje...

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Michael Harrold

You are in a great hotspot for networking. Like Doug said, it takes getting out there and chatting. A great line I like to use early on in a conversation is "what are you working on currently?". And d...

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Eric La Fuente

Oh, man, those are all great choices. I definitely play some Zimmer "Dark Knight" for suspense and action scenes. Danny Elfman also has stuff I like -- though there's just as much chance I'll blast so...

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Jerry Robbins

I actually write with ear plugs in - dead sound - just me and the page.

Writing is now my day job

Hey all, I just wanted to introduce myself to the community by saying that I've recently left my job to pursue writing full time. I realized that trying to "find" enough time to write, while working 10-12 hour days wasn't possible for me. So i'm happy to announce that I am joining the community full ...

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Brian Alan DeLaney

Congratulations Mitch! It's scary to go all in on your passion. Good luck! And also, I would love to hear more about your futuristic western.

Julian Montgomery

Hey Mitch, Congratulations! I've got next :)

Multi award-winning music composer for film, TV and stage

Hey guys, I'm a music composer with a distinctive 'voice' with over 8 years of scoring TV shows and films. Looking for daring, open-minded and creative directors worldwide to work with:

Mathieu Karsenti
Mathieu Karsenti
Music composer for film, TV and stage.
Cali Gilbert

Welcome Mathieu. Director here who always loves checking out new material.

Mathieu Karsenti

Hi Cali, I'll go check out yours!

Morgan Summerfield

Hello, Mathieu. I like daring, open-minded and creative directors, too. Music is a key element to film. It sets tone and tension. Best wishes.

Accolades are Fun!

Permission to brag? I just received these in the mail -- which is always a lovely surprise. And while I know that there's barely a dozen 'good' screenwriting competitions... it's still fun sometimes to receive an accolade even from the much, much smaller ones! It's affirming. And should be celebrated, in my very humble opinion.

Alessandro Machi

And your last name will probably help your career as well.

Jeremy Storey

If wishing made it so!

Hello from Geoff Hall

Hi Stage32 people, I’ve been with the Stage32 community for a few years now and love it. I’m a writer all of the time and a filmmaker sometimes. I live just outside of Bristol, in the UK and at present I’m working on my first novel, called “Owl:believe” and my debut feature film, “Seeing Rachel”. Peopl ...

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Morgan Summerfield

Hello, Geoff. Age is one of those 'relative' things. Age brings wisdom, experience, perspective, patience, and a whole lot of life to the works of a storyteller. These are things that should not come in an 'instant' form, and if they do the product tends to 'taste like the box.' Best wishes.

Darren Tibbits

Hello, Geoff. Keep up the creativity. The spigot doesn't dry up just because you're not a 20-something. I just premiered my third short film PINEBOX at Minneapolis-St. Paul Intl Film Festival (at 47)...

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Wga vs. ata!!!

THE BIZ: Writers are trying to restructure the agency business ... and this won't be pretty! SAG-AFTRA tried the same anti-packaging approach and got stonewalled (a fight still unfolding today), but with WGA now taking a similar path, the guilds might just move the ball.

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A. S. Templeton

My eyes cross when I try to wade through all those “shalls”. Could you please explain how we screenwriters are getting screwed by packaging, and how we stand to gain in standing, writing credit, or money, should such restructuring succeed?

Laura Scheiner

A. S. Templeton Writers and other talent get screwed because the agencies' main interest is often their packaging fees which bring in far more money than their client commissions. So they may not be a...

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A. S. Templeton

So the lines between agency and production, if ever they existed, have blurred to the point of dissolution. There's no conflict of interest because... because. Where are the laws or industry guideline...

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Laura Scheiner

A. S. Templeton There are state laws governing certain aspects of talent agencies. and just because something isn't illegal, doesn't men its acceptable. Not all agencies do this and talent does have t...

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A. S. Templeton

From the article: Agents [point] out that their clients would bolt for the doors if they thought they were being shortchanged... WGA officials argue that the agencies’ basic 3-3-10% packaging fee is st ...

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Hello Stage 32 members, I'm cinematographer based in Los Angeles Ca. Please stay tuned for upcoming feature films that I shot set to be released this year are: cult horror revenge film - sequel to original from 1978 directed by Meir Zarchi "I Spit On Your Grave : Deja Vu", and musical drama "Here I'm...

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Pedja Radenkovic-Cinematographer
Pedja Radenkovic-Cinematographer
Pedja Radenkovic award winning cinematographer and photographer
Theola Bright

Pedja Radenkovic, Congrtulations of your previous films ... loved "Deja Vu" if that was the one with Denzel Wahington. Let me know if you develope an interest in faith based films and true stories. I...

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Mark Metz Wagner

Okay, Pedja, I'll stay in touch and pay attention to your work.

Introduction... and a film with several Stage32 members

Greetings comrade Stage32ers. I'm a screenwriter who has been on here for quite a while... and in that time have had the absolute pleasure of meeting up with RB and Amanda at film festivals... by the way, his new book is a delightful read. Anyway, I digress. I am a work-for-hire writer who has found ...

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Lesley Lillywhite

No easy task, receiving the blessings of the Border Patrol, lots of hoops were jumped thru, Congratulations on the Project moving into Fruition. I am thrilled to participate in this film on location in intriguing & beautiful Douglas, Arizona !!

Philip Sedgwick

It took a while to get BP blessings, them being a government organization and the fact that our lead is going to be touching the fence. But that's what redial features are for on the phone. The City of ...

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Lesley Lillywhite

And Actor Adrienne Gonzalez is from a border town as well.

Michael Mohoric

Hi Phillip, Congratulations and wishing you much success with this and future projects. You are an incredible writer.

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