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How should you view this coverage section?

I saw some coverage/review services offering a section called "marketability" or "commercial" or something similar... How important is this section/ Why is it important, and what should it mean to you? How should you view it?

Boomer Murrhee

Beth Fox Heisinger , spot on comment as usual. You're definitely one of the bright spots around here. A voice of reason. LOL

Laura Scheiner

Marketability / commercial viability is a very important consideration for producers and distributors as well as investors. So if you're planning on trying to sell the script, or even if you're planni...

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Regina Lee

Depends on the credibility of the coverage itself and depends on your intentions for the material.

Gilberto Villahermosa

Victor - Marketability is important! You can have a story that you're passionate about, but (usually) unless its marketable, most producers aren't going to risk investing in it. Some graders also grad...

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Dan Guardino

I never thought of coverage as a marketing tool but if the coverage comes from a credible service I can see that as being a help. If I ever try to sell another screenplay I might try that.

AFM bound - who else is going!

Hi Stage 32'ers! Several months ago when there was an "Introduce Yourself Weekend" I did - and figure now is a good a time as any to come back and say hello again! I'm currently readying several projects for pitch at AFM. I am NOT doing the live pitch again. I'm glad I went on stage and pitched Jael...

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Erik A. Jacobson

I expect to be at AFM on days 5, 6, and 7 when things are winding down and SAs have more free time to talk.

Marcelo Ribeiro

Hi! I was planning to go to AFM this year but I might be shooting a film. I went last year and had a great time.

Steven Wayne Knight

May the wind be in your sails (for sales) as you head for a big one.

Shawn Speake

Pitchin' is sexy! Jus sayin'....

James Drago

Planning on being there!

Format a particular scene

During the writing of my feature script, I hit upon the problem how to show thoughts of a character to the audience. How to format that. I choose for formatting it like a flashback without V.O and next BACK TO SCENE? What would you do?

Dan MaxXx

When in doubt, edit. delete. unnecessary banter and information dump.

Shawn Speake

Beth is good. So sweet when she's helpful. Unlike that other moderator guy. That guy....

Owen Mowatt

I'm confused by this question. Cant see the need or relevance of it.
If you NEED a separate scene to show what someone is thinking, then either something's gone wrong, or you're dumbing down the story.
More context please.

Shawn Speake

I think I see what she's talking about. We had some beats in one of my current projects that weren't loud enough. So we used.... Jacob looks troubled, blah, blah.... then QUICK FLASHBACK We see why Jacob ...

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Chad Stroman

I like the thoughts above but a bit more context might be needed. Is the actor "remembering" some action event from the past or is the actor "thinking" something like a thought bubble (a la' Bridget J...

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Learning this site - Series producer, commercial production, video, cine.

Good Morning, All! My name is Jeremy Combs, I've worked in national television in a niche market for many years. I'm looking to expand my body of work and grow personally and professionally. I LOVE planning, shooting, and editing. I can't wait to get to know everyone.

Amanda Toney - Stage 32 Next Level Education

Nice to meet you Jeremy! Welcome to the Stage 32 community.

James Drago

You'll love it here Jeremy! Welcome!

WGA Screenwriter

Feel free to read more about me or join my very rarely used email list on my website.

Joseph F. Alexandre

They'll just let anybody up in here:) lol How goes it bro?

Cherelynn Baker


Tony Ginn

Hello to all in the Stage 32 Network. Been extremely busy since my last post! Was successful in advocating for the Washington Film Works Commission to finally get a bill past into law with a budget of...

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Shawn Speake


Michael Tabb

I'm great, Joseph, as the website may suggest. I hope this finds you very well, too. Thank you all for your kind comments.

Welcome to STAGE32!

I'm Shawn, actor and screenwriter with IMDB credits. I've been on movies, tv series, and music vids as an actor. All came from connections made at my Stage32 Meetups! I met pop star, Rachele Royale, and director, TJ Scott on the set of Rachele's 'CIRCUS LIFE' video in 2016. I pitched TJ then, withou...

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Shawn Speake

With Peter Stormare on LONGMIRE. I''m in his cult.

Shawn Speake

A detective in HOLLYWOOD ENDING. A short shot in Denver.

Shawn Speake

I stalked Gil onset to get this. We weren't supposed to have phones, but my inner groupie got the best of me. I hate it when that happens! We talked HELL OR HIGH WATER. Awesome dude

Aray Brown

I was thinking the same thing, John

James Drago

The freakin man!

Music Software

Was wondering what editing software you all use when it comes to placing your music into a film to make sure it matches. I use old school windows movie maker but really need to get something better. In general, what software do you use to create your compositions. Any recommendations? Thanks.

Joanna Karselis

My DAW of choice is Reaper, which allows you to export the score and video as one file. Problem is it only offers limited export formats which means the files come out huge (one recent example is a 30...

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Wesley Lawrence Curry II

When I am working on a Score.....My DAW is Logic Pro X. The Director sends film edits to me in DropBox, which I download to my computer. I place the Film Clips into Final Cut Pro X. And also into Logi...

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Joel Irwin

I use Sibelius 7 (under Win 7/64). It allows me to use the same score to produce the WAV file for the film, charts if performed live and scores that I can have reviewed/feedback (since most of the peo...

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Hello everyone i have two weeks left to reach my goal on kickstarter helllp!!!!

Helena Clarke

Thank you so much Cherelynn i need all the luck i can get !!

Helena Clarke

Hello Shawn your absolutely right, my friend said something similar after I had posted the video on Facebook. So I will be making another one in a few days to talk about Melody Match Me . Would you mi...

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Shawn Speake

Wow. Way to take feedback like a pro. That's huge. And impressive. I'd be more than happy to check out the video, and go over anything else. I'm here to help you achieve your goals. Hit me up anytime

Shawn Speake

... and that's too funny. I deleted my comment right before I read yours. I was like, she's gonna hate me. I gotta tone it down, and damn... I so glad you don't hate me! Let's work :)

Helena Clarke

Not at all you spoke well with critique that wasn't harsh but helpful and guess what the director recorded a video check out the link ! You can pm me if you like or even post here , we are all here to...

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Hello Sweetie...

If anyone knows this reference then you are as much a fan of this tv show as I am! I'm an actor/choreographer living in Toronto, Canada but have spent most of my adult years in NYC. I'm classically trained and used to be a professional dancer. I'm in the middle of developing a pilot as well as actin...

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Allen Lynch

Welcome Risa & Good Luck!

James Drago

I like being called sweetie. Hi Risa!


Hello! I am a 2016 of DePaul University's MFA in Screenwriting program. I mainly focus on writing comedies featuring female protagonists. I am currently working on a feature script and a TV spec script. I look forward to connecting with creatives in all areas of film.

James Drago

Hi Reka! What genre do you like writing in?

Kelly Krause

Welcome, Reka! Always happy to meet another woman screenwriter... Looking forward to hearing more about your work. : )

Hi there

Hi all. I've been here for over a year now but decided to introduce myself again. I'm Emilie and was given a referral to join Stage 32. I've written pitches and treatments for both an animated series and a feature film. My current project is a documentary based on my genealogy research, having disco...

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Art Thomas


Emilie Clark

Thank you.

James Drago

Hello again!

Hello Stage32

I'm an actor looking to collaborate with the right people to tell great stories! Don't hesitate to reach out!

Ron Newcomb

Good to connect Michael.

David Black

Welcome aboard Michael

Aray Brown

Nice to meet you Michael!

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