Acting : Any voice over people in Seattle? by James Nelson

James Nelson

Any voice over people in Seattle?

My name is James Nelson, I'm just starting to get into voice over work! Just about to record my demo and get out there! Just wondering if there are many people on here from Seattle that have any advice or help for a fresh voice?

Tommy Griffiths

Interestingly, I'm a voice actor and voice coach in Washington, DC and one of my voice students is in Seattle. I coach her via Skype and we're just about to produce her demo. If you have questions, feel free to contact me: Best of Luck! Tommy Griffiths

Kris Keppeler

Yes, I'm a voice actor in Seattle. I'm happy to answer any questions and help!

Tracy Ellayn

I live in Bothell. Like James, I am interested in voice acting. He's a step ahead of me. I am not sure where to start and what equipment I need. I have seen classes from a number of people around the country but it would be good to get recommendations on who is best. As a new actor and having a low paying day job, money is a concern so unfortunately I can't afford the best of the best. So... anyone have suggestions?

Kris Keppeler

there are local classes to get started, try Freehold Theatre and I noticed a class through TPS, too. If you're a Seattle actor, I recommend you belong to TPS. Its inexpensive. Start with training. I had many years of acting experience but its taken a long time and more than one coach to learn enough to get jobs. Its very competitive. I recommend Curt Hawkins as a coach,

Kevin West

And there are tons of options on-line. Message me dude...

J. Christopher Dunn

Not in Seattle, but close! Feel free to send your questions.

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