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Sheri Gibe

Becoming a Voiceover Actor?

I would love to do voiceovers but where to start!? Is it possible to get work with only my actual voice? What is the best way to persuade a business or director to take a chance on a newbie who is willing to volunteer for the experience? How/where can a person record and submit without owning the equipment? Yeah, I'm clueless at the moment and eager to learn because it would be fun...and I could add an actual skill to my resume! Thanks for your advice and any additional information you'd care to share :~D

Steve Mancini

Here's an informative article: I hope it helps. Cheers!

Sheri Gibe

Thank you, Steve, and for the network invite also!

Jeff Goldberg

Sheri: you need to cut a demo: put together a few seconds of different styles you think you may be good at. A local radio station may be able to help or a local production studio since they're always looking for new least mine is... I have do a one price demo for about $100, I'll find scripts and then edit it to a CD. Not sure where you are, but I'm sure someone local will help. Good luck, and send me a copy!

Jordan Gregory

audio books are all the rage and there is a lot of work there. ask someone at

Art Thomas

Hello Sheri, great suggestions have already been offered. If you are still interested in additional thoughts; consider working with film students to build your reel. I teach two classes at where they produce over 1000 shorts per year.

Allan Gildea

Hi Sheri just made this video yesterday! It may be of interest to you. Let me know how you get on!

Penelope Morgan

Hi Sheri, if you're open to volunteering for experience, I can't recommend Librivox ( highly enough. It's a great way to join a like-minded community, gain experience, and put together some wonderful material for a demo or audition later on.

Otis Jiry

As long as you have a pc or laptop or Mac, you are most of the way there, equipment wise. There are free to inexpensive DAW (recording software) to be had. Studio One Free edition from PreSonus, is good for audiobooks because it has a punch n roll function which is invaluable for long form reads when you mess up. Just back up to the flub, and pick up recording where you flubbed, overdubbing the mistake. As for mics, you can get a USB mic which plugs directly into your pc/laptop/mac without having to get a preamp. USB mics are as low as $100. So it is not expensive to get going. The most important thing to have is a quiet workspace. Condensor mics (which is what you need for recording, not a dynamic stage mic) are sensitive to outside noise. Check out Facebook for voiceover pages. There are many to choose from and a great community willing to help out. Good luck Otis Jiry Sapperton Sound Voice Otis Jirys Creepypasta Crypt (on YouTube)

Tim Lane

Check out Sign up as a reader/actor.

Tim Lane

Something akin to would be a nice addition to the stage 32 sIte.

Kabir Singh

I am a full time VO, would love to help you get started. Message me:

Philip Banks

Find some words to read, ideally the type of work you would like to do. Hire a local recording studio for a few hours and go and play. Go home with a finished product and then play your work alongside the voices you like to hear. How do you sound?

Neil Gustin

There are tons of self produce audio dramas on the Internet. We are always looking for actors. almost all do not pay anything, But you can get useful experience and many of them are top-notch productions.

Douglas Conant

This is the place to go: See the reviews. Google it. Then get going.

Diane O'Toole

I've been told - many, many times - that I have a great radio voice! Anybody interested in listening . . . ?

Sheri Gibe

Hey, everyone, thanks for all of the advice. I've checked into some of the sites. As soon as I get a chance to catch my breath, I'll check into some more and let you know what's going on!

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