Acting : Headphones/earbuds by Philip Hoffman

Philip Hoffman


Headphones… do you use earbuds to edit? Hello Folks, I realize that some people listen to audiobooks via car stereos, cheap earbuds or computer speakers. I use the pretty standard Sony MDR7506 (around $100) for editing audiobooks. Working long hours they get pretty uncomfortable due to my eyeglasses. I am looking for pretty good "in-the-ear" (around $100?) for the rough edit. The tone and quality I hear through cheaper earbuds are surprisingly varied. (And they're generally meant for music.) Any suggestions? Thoughts? Thanks.

Angelica R. Turner

I know what you mean, try either head phones that are softer and big enough to go around your ear or get the ear buds that you squish into your ear hole and conform to it's natural inner shape.

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