Acting : Hello all my dear friends of the Creative Communitiy !! Elated to be alive and posting, what a great life !!!! by Peter Jaycock

Peter Jaycock

Hello all my dear friends of the Creative Communitiy !! Elated to be alive and posting, what a great life !!!!

Hi, I'm Peter, and I'm a full-time voice talent of 35 years experience and I'm having the time of my life with some awesome clients who seem to keep coming back time and time again. It's gratifiying. I'm in Canada and I've been promoting myself heavily this year and it seems to be paying off as I've gotten quite a bit of work through my agent and the clients I've met myself. I recorded a national Sony spot this week, also a video narration for Intact Insurance, I continue my relationship with one of the CFL teams of Canada, and innumerable video production houses use me for narrations and voice acting, and some writing of scripts too. It's quite amusing to me that I never really thought of myself as a writer, yet I did it everyday for more than 3 decades as a broadcaster. So, when I was approached by one production company who was having trouble writing a script for a cardboard manufacturer client of theirs (ya cardboard, yawn), in about 90 minutes I churned out a 3 minute script that reflected the corporate pride the company was attempting to exude. Thoroughly enjoyed the process. :) So, apparently I'm a writer too, if you need my input on that level at some point. I love the voicing work I'm gifted to do, I love doing funny voices for kids, I enjoy the people I encounter everyday, and people seem to like me. I'm grateful for so much. Ok, your turn, tell me your story ! I want to meet as many wonderful people as I can through this process, because as Seals and Crofts once sang "We may never pass this way again", and you are too special to miss ! All great wishes for your day, your career, your life, Peter !

Richard "RB" Botto

Great post, Peter!

Drew Campbell

Its a wonderful business to be in. I do voice work part time and have been doing alot of narration work, audiobooks, videos. Just love being in my studio. Audio books are a challenge, my last one had 15 My aim is to do voiceovers full time. Marketing has never been my strong point though, but getting there slowly.

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