Acting : I have always wanted to Voice Act. by Michelle Ivey Jordan

I have always wanted to Voice Act.

Since im from the south and get told all the time that voice overs/ acting is something else I should look into. I love studio time so that it self is a plus for me. Just a thought I wanted to put out there.


I tell the following to everyone looking to get into V.O....verbatim: 1st. Get all the information about the business you can get in your circle. Start by going to and watch the episodes INTENTLY. The information is priceless, it's coming from the leaders in the industry and IT'S FREE!! The hosts are great people and feel free to comment. 2nd. Forget about your voice and everything you can do with it, because it's's primarily about your reading...ALOUD...for long periods of time, delivery, technique, etc. Gotta get some coaching. Shoot me an email (, I'll make sure you have a bunch of info and then you can make an informed decision. If you go for it, you're gonna be in great company. The people are fantastic and wanna see you win. I'm one of em. All the best. Peace and blessings

Dana Hurley

Ditto what BZ said. In addition there are a number of good books about the industry and how to get started, written by some of the Pro's in the industry. I'd suggest reading a few of them to get a good picture of the industry and what it takes to succeed.

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